School Spirit Was Scarce During the Winter Formal Spirit Week

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ASB’s winter formal spirit week themes and the cancellation of pajama day led to a lot of criticism and a huge lack of participation.

The winter formal spirit week was meant to increase school spirit within the students and get them excited for the winter formal that was set to happen at the end of the week, on Saturday night. It included the themes mythology, Grease the movie, sports apparel, mix matched clothing, and class colors.

The few students that did take part in spirit week had strong opinions on the themes that were chosen.

“I think the themes weren’t really exciting for people because nobody really dressed up for them,” senior Michelle Calleja said. “They were a little harder to do and you don’t really have mythological clothing at your house and I feel like that’s why people didn’t really dress up for it.”

ASB advertised the first theme of the week as Mythological Monday. On Monday, students were encouraged to dress like the ancient Greeks. It was clear that other students Calleja’s disinterest in this mythological theme.

“The thing that’s kinda out of whack is the ancient Greece theme because no one really knows how to dress up for that and no one really pays attention, I mean, it’s Monday,” senior Monique Garcia said.

Although Mythological Monday wasn’t very well received, many students had good things to say about the Greaser theme. This theme took place on Tuesday and students were able to dress like their favorite characters from the 1970’s movie Grease.

“Grease is one of my favorite movies so I got a cool kick out of that and I’m really excited about it,” senior Evelyn Alamillo said.

By far the most talked about theme, however,  was one that didn’t actually happen: pajama day. Pajama day was originally announced to be taking place on Thursday, but was soon replaced with mix matched clothing due to the principal’s concern that allowing students to wear pajamas to school would violate the dress code. ASB students were seen crossing out the pajama day theme from their posters the Friday before spirit week.

The majority of students were upset that pajama day had to be cancelled because it was the theme they were looking forward to the most.

“I was so annoyed because we’ve had pajama day before and the cancellation made no sense to me, it’s not like we were doing anything inappropriate,” senior and ASB president Humberto Rojo said.“I was just really frustrated.”

Nevertheless, there were a few students who understood the need for the cancellation of pajama day and were not so bothered by it.

“I don’t really care, I wasn’t going to wear pjs anyways.” senior Patrick Killion said “I mean it’s the school rules, what can I really do about it?”

Ultimately, though, most students blamed the lack of participation not on everyone’s distaste for the themes, but on ASB’s scarce advertisements for the winter formal spirit week compared to the homecoming spirit week.  

“I feel like spirit week last time was more out there and people knew about it more, but this one, yeah there’s posters and all but people don’t really pay attention to the posters, so a lot of people didn’t know or they didn’t remember,” said Garcia. “I just think that it wasn’t put out there as good as it could have been.”

Overall, students had a hard time mustering up enough school spirit to participate and get excited about spirit week due to their reservations about the themes and the lack of distribution of information.

In hopes of getting more people to participate for the next spirit week, Alamillo concluded by  saying “All the people that didn’t dress up they’re lame because they didn’t show school spirit.”