Here is What Life After High School Looks Like for the 2019 Senior Class

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Here is What Life After High School Looks Like for the 2019 Senior Class

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With graduation coming up in less than four months, the 2019 senior class will all be going their separate ways. Using a Google Classroom survey that was sent to all senior English

classes, students revealed their college plans, majors, and career choices. Here is the data

gathered from all 127 responses:

At 52 percent, more than half of the senior class will attend a four year college, but 37 percent say they plan to transfer out of a community college. Despite the dominating numbers for college after graduation, 9.4% are undecided and 0.8% say they will go to a trade school.

Senior Lizeth Romero said she will attend a four year college or university after high school. “I was planning on going to UC Merced, but I don’t know…it’s kind of far, so I guess which  ever one accepts me” she said. Romero adds that she’s deciding on whether being a teacher or a nurse, and plans on majoring in nursing or education.

With so many UC’s and Cal States to choose from, students can be overwhelmed on what school to attend.

Senior Briana Plascencia still isn’t decided on what school to go to. “I’ve always wanted to go to UCI, but now that I know about all the other schools, I don’t know… I like all of them” she said. “Everything has something pretty cool. UCI is my first option, but if I went to UC San Diego or UCLA, I wouldn’t mind.”

According to the graph, more than half of the senior class knows what they plan to choose as a career, but 16.5 percent fall short on knowing what they’ll pursue after high school.

“I applied under psychology, but I’m not sure where I’m going to go with that. I plan on

figuring it out while I’m there” said senior Lauren Campos. “I would like to do medical

school because I find it really interesting that they, like, save lives.” What keeps her from

pursuing medical school is that it’s “so expensive and I don’t want to get in so much debt.”

The most popular major chosen is nursing with 16.3 percent. Biology, Criminal Justice, and Psychology all rank as second with 10 percent. Business Administration, Communications, Education, and Political Science are also among the most popular majors seniors are planning to pursue.

“I’m leaning more towards criminology to become a forensic psychologist or private

investigator” senior Saige Miranda said. “Detective work has always fascinated me.”

“I’m trying to major in communications, but I don’t know what exactly in communications. Maybe like mass media or journalism or broadcast journalism…I’m not sure.” senior Natalie Flores said. She adds that the branches of careers in communications all interest her and isn’t sure which path to take, but is sure that communications is her major.

Senior year is filled with many important decisions that can impact life after high school.

Choosing a major may be hard, but choosing a career and college is even harder. The MVHS

Senior Class of 2019 will all go their separate ways after graduation and each student will

lead their lives the way they please. Good luck, class of 2019!