Children are pure little angels. They run around with mischief in their eyes, oblivious to the cruelness of this world. They’re not worried about what society thinks because they’re trying to figure out what they can and can’t get away with. They’re watching for just the right time to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar or pick a flower from the garden they were told not to wander in. Running around and playing tag with the other kids and begging for just one more minute when they get called in. They blame their siblings for breaking that dish on the counter saying “It was them not me.” Then one day, almost abruptly, they are forced to grow up and accept reality. They face the harshness of others and their opinions. Scared of being themselves for fear of not belonging. Spending time trying to convince their parents to buy them new things because they are constantly wanting more. The start having the feelings of not being good enough, thin enough, strong enough. They try to surround themselves with people who are like them with hope they won’t have to change, but face the reality of being different when they are all trying to be the same. They start to alter their appearance to fit society’s standards, becoming insecure about the characteristics that make them unique. They struggle with the entanglement of priorities that are randomly thrown at them, and trying to juggle their school with the chores they have at home while looking for free time. Taking on the responsibility of keeping things neat and helping out with siblings and keeping their grades up when they are barely able to understand the meaning of responsibility. This is because they are still children who are being pushed into a crushing world.