Why Are Triple Games Being Released Unfinished?

The past year has been a great year for game releases. Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5, PUBG/Player Unknown BattleGrounds, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are some of the best games to players that were released this year. Although these games are great with the content. Battlefield 5 isn’t up to standards to players.

This video is to show why players didn’t jump the gun to buy the game as well. The game came out with an incomplete campaign and game modes in multiplayer were not all there, as in some game modes were not there at launch.

Last year, Call of Duty WW2 launched with good intent. It had what players mainly wanted, boots on the ground. Before that, three years of Call of Duty had jump boosts. Players didn’t mind with Black Ops 3 when they got the hang of it. WW2 launched with XP boosts for the week. They thought they turned it off, but they tripled it. Players quickly achieved max rank and had most weapons if not all of them that were there at launch. Players didn’t complain but they didn’t have some key features from the year before. The one that comes to mind first is the weapon smith. This allowed players the ability to make custom camos for their weapons. They got it after aa few months but they were not there when it came. The game wasn’t interesting to players anymore. The XP boost may have to play a role in that.

Those are the main games that are good examples.

Now my question is, why do we get unfinished games? I have a theory on why. We could be to blame. Players are always looking for new things to play and keep them interested.

Call of Duty is a franchise that pumps out a game every year. They have a cycle between three developer studios. This year was treyarch’s turn, last year it was sledge hammers, and before that it was infinity wards. Pumping out one game a year is a remarkable thing to do. Many of the games are good. But players are demanding more from them every year. They have 3 years to make a game, most is directed into multiplayer while less on campaign. This year we only got multiplayer. This was a bold move but it was a very good move by treyarch.Some players did not agree but most did like it.

Now I said we could be to blame.That is because we demand more, as any human would do when they like something. This could mean developers are trying to please us but they have to stay on track with the deadline. This is due to the companies they work for. They control the developers time frame. Players request more meaning, more to do in less time, and we get unfinished games because they focus on the bigger requests, but is it worth it?

Now if we stop looking at the bigger picture and look at the smaller budget games, we can see that they put their heart into creating the game. They interact with their players and take feedback. Just like the bigger games do, but they do it better most of the time. Cuphead is a game that is made to be amazing in the small details. It is old-styled and hard to beat. It took the developers many years to create. It launched last year and is going to get an expansion some time in 2019. All the animations are hand drawing with care. All for the pleasure to the eye. A small developer team made this and it is a favorite to many still.

Leaving the small example now to wrap this up, why can’t the bigger games do this? Why can’t they tend to the fans? Why can’t they make every wish come true? The answer is simple. They are human too, but they try harder than most. They try to tend to the players. They do as much as they can to make a good game. They just can’t tend to all of our requests