Me, Myself, and My Anxiety


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“I don’t like sh*t. I don’t like going outside, and I don’t like speaking to people. I am surprised I am talking to you,”  Earl Jackson, freshman (whose name has been changed) has had social anxiety since eighth grade.

According to the Washington Post, two million American children and adolescents have a diagnosable anxiety disorder.  

Diagnosable anxiety disorder is usually  involved with repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks).

There are about 2,335 students and teachers at Moreno Valley High School, according to, which means that at least 50 students on this campus have Social Phobia. Since it’s hard to interview students with Social anxiety, I decided to make an anonymous Instagram group chat with teens that have social phobia. They all explained on why they had this anxiety disorder.

“I have social phobia because I was bullied so many times and now every time I speak to someone my heart starts to have a rapid heart rate, I feel as if they will just bully me,” said anonymous person.

Another anonymous person stated ‘’I think I have social anxiety because of my family, my parents mostly because they have social anxiety to an I picked up from that.”      Social phobia is a problem because it prevents children from developing a growth mindset; it is the main reason why kids are afraid to make mistakes. Here are some cures for parents with a child that has social anxiety (children under the age of 18). According to these are some effective ways that can be helpful for children with S.A.D (Social anxiety disorder): One is to connect with your child or spend more time with him or her. Another solution is to teach your child about social phobia, and the last one is to teach your child something you can do together and then teach him or her how to do something by them self like drawing or counting.

Here are some cures for teens that have social anxiety. Usually people will say just take medication pills for SAD, but taking pills on a daily basis has side effects like getting dizzy or shivering. The best cure is therapy, but it’s important to make sure your therapist shows adequate treatment and doesn’t just prescribe pills.

One of the anonymous students said that a rapper name Earl Sweatshirt help calms down his social anxiety and he or she recommends listening to that rapper.

“I wish I was able to conversate with people but every time I try I start getting sweaty and my heart starts to beat fast,” said the anonymous student. “It is sometimes to the point where I just want to end it all.”

SAD is very personal.  And when some people express their social anxiety to others they just get judged and seemed differently. But this doesn’t always happen .

“I used to get offended when people used to judge me for my anxiety disorder, but now I just try to ignore the negative sh*t,” said an MVHS student with SAD who chooses not to expose identity.

I can say I somewhat can relate to social anxiety, every now and then I catch myself not in the mood to socialize with absolutely any one, and if I end up socializing with someone when I’m not in the mood I don’t treat them very good.

“For the people who don’t have social anxiety, you’re lucky and take advantage,” said Tyler (whose name has been changed).