LA Auto Show: A Review and Guide

I attended the Los Angeles Auto Show on Saturday, December 1. I am going to give you my review of it and a guide to the show so if you choose to go next year so you know what to expect.

Walking into the convention center after paying for parking two blocks away, you are met with food vendors before you go in the building.

The first thing we spotted were the Lexus cars. They set up a booth right as you walk in. They had set up the race cars they have. Well, one was a race car, two were luxury cars, and one was a supercar.

From there we went up the stairs to the right. We saw a Lego Porsche 911 in the same area as more food vendors.

We walked around, then stumbled upon the main floor in the south hall. Audi, Mercedes, Landrover, Maserati, Buick, Toyota, and Nissan are the few names off the top of my head. We walked around and took pictures of most of the cars and trucks, noticing that many sedans are still being made even when nowadays the family suv is taking over the roads. We also saw some racing cars. Toyota had their Nascar for this year and a 2019 Supra Nascar racing in the Xfinity League. BMW had their GT car on top of their exhibit to show that the technology they use on the track is put in their road cars as well. Hence their ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ phrase they advertise in commercials.

Walking around some more, we left the main area and went to the garage, which was down stairs. This was the place to see all the custom cars. They ranged from 1965 Ford Mustangs to Lamborghini Liberty Walk Aventadors (Liberty walk is a brand that makes body kits for cars. Body kits are modifications to a car that can affect downforce but are mainly used for style.)

There were people selling products for your car needs as well. One salesmen was selling car wash soap that is more powerful than the soap you can buy at Pepboys or Autozone. It came with a kit that has soap, wax, and a few microfiber rags. Down the row there was another salesmen that was selling shammies. Shammies are Shamwows but updated – essentially, it’s just larger.

When we walked out of the garage we went back up the stairs. Then we wandered into the bridge that led us to the east showroom. Before we got to the big showroom, there was a smaller exhibit with expensive sports cars. Aston Martin, Porsches, and Fords are the cars that stuck out in the room. The Ford GT was one of the main eye-catchers when you stopped looking at the Astons. Other than the cars that were sent from the manufacturer, a car not sent by the manufacturer was Ken Block’s Ford Escort. I believe it was sent to promote his newest film working, Gymkhana 10, as the Escort is one of the cars in the video.

After leaving the smaller room, we continued the walk to the east hall. When we walked into the showroom floor, the first manufacturer we saw was Subaru, then Kia, Hyundai, and Ford. We went to Kia and the first car I saw was the Kia Stinger. Not just one, but around three of them. One regular stock, one police spec., and a dub. Kia is rolling out special edition Dub Kia’s, the Kia k900 being one of the models that is getting the special edition made. After spending time at the Kia exhibit, we went to the Ford floor. The only cars there were the Ford GT, Mustang, and Fusion. The rest of the exhibit were the SUVs they make along side the new interceptor now available for police across the nation. I didn’t get the name of it, sadly. After this we walked back to the main entrance.

When we first walked in, it was around 2; when we got back to the lobby it was around 6:45. There was a Forza booth brought to the show by Hyundai. They were holding a contest for fastest lap on Road Atlanta in a Hyundai Veloster turbo. The time to beat was 1 minute and 7 seconds for top 16 to move on to round two. We didn’t stay long due to my age not being 18. I did get a time of a minute 6 seconds but they declined my time due to age.

All of this led us to leave around 7. I had a nice time exploring the show. It was just as much walking as if you go to Disneyland I was told by my uncle who took me and paid for the tickets. He also took all of the pictures. I thank him very much for helping me.

Reviewing all of the show, it is a 10 out of 10 experience if you like cars and want to find car for you in the future. If you don’t love cars then it is about a 8 of 10. You will like seeing all the cars still and maybe interested in them after. Don’t like to walk? This isn’t the show for you.

I recommend taking water and a small bag in case you decide to buy something from the show. Prepare to walk a lot and have a camera ready in case you want to take pictures of cars or the celebrity pop-ups you may see hosting giveaways.