MVHS’ English Department’s Literacy Night Drew Crowds for Games, Performances and Tacos

Mr. Gallarzo hosts the Logic Challenge in his room for Literacy Night.

MVHS first Literacy Night attracted a lot of students to join and participate on the Logic Challenge, Kahoot Games, Bingo, Blackout Poetry and a Question Trail that were hosted all over the S-wing and enjoy the taco truck outside.


“I had a good time and would attend more events like this,” Chris Torres, sophomore, said. “I would say it was a success.”


In preparation for the literacy night the National Honors Society, as well as teachers from all over the school, donated books to give away to students and their families, and teachers like Mrs.Rodriguez, Ms.Smalley, Mrs.Marigliano, Mr.Gallarzo, Ms. Nehme and Mrs.Presnell helped host all the activities for the night.


“I like activities like this because they bring our school closer together and it’s just a good experience,” Torres said. “The Logic Challenge was my favorite station.”


The Logic Challenge is a game used in multiple TV shows like The Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon. In this game, 2 or more people are given a word to start off and have a time of 3 minutes to come up with words they can relate to that word that was given. They also try to make their audience laugh with the rhymes they come up with and try to end in the same word they started. Other students were judges and there were prizes. The Logic Challenge was hosted by Mr.Gallarzo.


“It’s a really good way for students to get creative with both words and their personal logic,” Mr.Gallarzo, teacher, said. “In a competitive and fun environment. The first thing that they learn is what they can be capable of literalistically, poetically and rhythmically.”


Not only was the literacy night for students to have fun, but also for students to strengthen their English skills using poetry. Games like logic challenge helps students open up to new people and make new friends while having fun and using their poetic skills. However, Logic Challenge wasn’t the only game that helps students. Blackout poetry helps students express themself and can be found relieving for some people.


“ My favorite part was doing Blackout poetry for the first time and being able to take books home,” Amelia Jones, sophomore, said.


Blackout is where a page of a book or newspaper and markers are used to black out words. First the person doing the poem will read over the page and underline or circle words they can relate to and black out the rest by simply drawing black over them or using colors or even drawing pictures. Blackout poetry was hosted by Ms.Smalley and  Mrs.Marigliano. There were books for kids and adults of all ages, as well as book of different categories for everyone to enjoy.


“I had a great time and would come to more events like this,” Jones said.


Literacy Night was planned by Mrs.LeBlanc and took place on Thursday November 29.  The lecture hall was used for students to dance and sing. Also, the S-Wing was used to display art and for activities. Many are looking forward for it to happen again next year and become an annual festival.

It should most definitely happen again,” Mr.Gallarzo said. “It was a success and I’m looking forward that next year it will be more so.”