Ballet Folklorico annual winter concert Una Noche Mexicana!!

Ballet Folklorico had their annual winter showcase in the multipurpose room on November 16, 2018. As soon as you walked into the multipurpose room, you saw colorful Mexican paper decorations filling every wall. The room was filled with family and friends with only a few spare seats. In the back of the room, Mexican-inspired foods and drinks were being sold such as champurrado, tamales, posole, and esquites.

While the audience was enjoying the first dance of the night, the dancers backstage were getting ready to perform. Before every performance the dancers always pray; they all get in a circle and hold hands. There was the feeling of nervousness roaming among the dancers.

“I have been in Ballet Folklorico for seven years and I still get nervous” senior Marianna Flores-Ruiz said.

Seniors Sayani Partida and Arizbeth Niteo both explained how everyone has been practicing very hard especially the week before the show. They both just wanted everyone to do well and hope that no one falls.

“No matter what happens at least I tried” Partida said.

The Cross Country coach, Bert Rodriguez, attended the show to support junior Jair Reyes, senior Guadalupe Zamora and junior Carolina Muniz. He has never been to a Ballet folklorico show and was very impressed. He loved the food and loved seeing all the dances.

“ It was my first time attending one of these and I didn’t know what to expect. I really enjoyed the performances,” Rodriguez said.

During intermission, people got up out of their seats to buy what little food they had left. Some crowd pleasers were tamales and the aguas frescas. Senior Elizabeth Gomez said that her favorite food item were the tamales.

“The tamales and salsa roja were banging!” said Gomez.

After the performance all the dancers lined up on stage for a group picture. You could see how the dancers went from nervous to relief based on their faces. Brianna Placencia told me that she felt accomplished and was happy with everyone’s performance and loved that everyone tried their best.

“ We tried our best and that’s all that matters. For the next performance we need to clean it up a little, but we did great,” said Placencia.

Guadalupe Zamora is group leader for her region and said that this show was draining physically and emotionally. She explained how today’s show was beautiful and how all the dancers should feel accomplished and proud.

“ When the crowd was cheering loud I knew that all of our hard work had paid off,” Zamora said.

This Ballet Folklorico show had people feeling positive emotions from the beginning to the end.

“That sh*t was lit!!!” Gomez said.