Black Friday: From Fights With Strangers To Breaking Family Traditions

Black Friday occurred this past November 23rd of 2018 and along with sales, it brought various opinions on the way the day was spent.

For accountants, the black signifies the profit a company makes and use red to represent loss when recording each day’s book entries. Black Friday indicates a profitable Friday for the economy, a day in which most companies go back into the “black.”

For the rest of America, this means an opportunity to get many retail items at a reduced price. However, within recent years, there have been reports of fights and chaos happening in stores due to the people’s determination for a certain product.    

“Black Friday deals with sales,” stated Sean Berry, senior. “When I think of Black Friday, I think of chaos.”

Chaotic or not, the access to “cheaper items” is on display for the consumers of participating stores. Customers have the probable chance at finding the products they’ve needed or wanted for a lower cost than it was originally priced for.

“If you buy more than you need it’s just unnecessary,” Berry said.

In this modern world, online videos posted to any public website can be seen by many people around the world. Berry has used this resource to watch the posted videos of people who have participated in Black Friday shopping.

“I saw an Asian lady taking a little girl’s toy, Berry stated. “I just thought ‘It’s not even that necessary.’ Act like humans, not like animals.”

Barry does not think Black Friday to be ethical, based on the media coverage he’s seen and heard about. However, Ryan Robateau, senior, offers a different perspective towards the topic.

“It’s a day to get something, but nowadays, people just wait for Cyber Monday.”

As the generations continue to evolve and constantly update what is considered popular, so do their interests.

“At some point, it starts becoming culture for families to go out and buy stuff.” Robateau states.

That is a possibility since there are stores that open up for Black Friday sales on the day of thanksgiving.

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” Robateau said. “Opening before Black Friday will become a tradition.”

Jared Garcia, senior, gave his opinion as well, an opinion that disagreed with Robateau’s.

“Black Friday is both good and bad, Garcia stated. “What makes it bad are the people that are there. They fight over things like video games instead of working for it. It shows laziness.”

Garcia claims that people who tend to go out for the discounts end up losing on time that could’ve been spent with family instead.

“Why waste family time to go shop?” Garcia asked. “Why not go the next day? Sure there would be a line, but what’s more important, a line or your family.”

Whether this “day of sales” is spent loved ones, Garcia does not see a point into going as a family to go shopping.

“It does not change the fact of the matter; You’re still going to be in a rush finding the items you want,” Gracia concluded.