“Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.”

The Finer Things Club Brings That Dunder Mifflin Flair to MVHS

Mrs. Presnell, English teacher and adviser of the Finer Things Club. The Finer Things Club meets on Fridays after school in S215.

Mrs. Reyes

Mrs. Presnell, English teacher and adviser of the Finer Things Club. The Finer Things Club meets on Fridays after school in S215.

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MVHS puts their own spin on Dunder Mifflin’s club from The Office: The Finer Things Club.  The MVHS version analyzes films rather than focusing on books, but members may use books as evidence during their discussion.

A specific scene from the television show The Office inspired the club to reach MoVal’s campus. The officers of the club take the roles of Pam, Toby, and Oscar, characters from the TV show. For instance, Andrea Valdes, senior, is the treasurer but refers to herself as the accountant to match Oscar’s position.

“Really exclusive club [in regards to the television show] but anyone can join”, states Evelyn Alamillo, senior and secretary of the club. She fulfills the role of Pam since they both take notes at their meetings. Despite Alamillo’s statement, there are no requirements to join.

While the club began to settle, Mrs. Presnell, the adviser, made an announcement about expanding the types of films she would like members to analyze. Certain movies may be rated R which is why she will need permission slips from students to follow school standards.

“As long as I have a form on file”, Mrs. Presnell said, “…just to be safe.” Mrs. Presnell may recommend what films to watch but the club votes as well. They vote on the online polls on their google classroom.

On Friday’s inside room S215, the club meets to watch films and have a discussion once they have finished the movie. There are bowls of popcorn at the tables with music in the background, mimicking the television show. Sometimes they even play a clip from The Office before starting the meeting.

During the movie, they are individually searching for certain objects from symbolism to movie and book comparisons. Their findings can be expressed during discussion. Since it may take 30 minutes to an hour to discuss, they have only seen one movie so far, Fahrenheit 451.

“Romance sells,” said senior Eileen Zambrano in the middle of discussion while comparing the director’s decisions to the author’s choice in the novel.

On the other hand, there are a list of topics on a PowerPoint slide provided by the president Frida Mendivil, senior, at the end of their films as a guide or suggestions to talk about.

“I feel excited and mind blown when I’m in there because we watch movies that I’ve never seen

and point out different things that I would have never noticed had I watched the film by myself,” Humberto Rojo, senior stated.

The officers plan to have a couple of movie nights next semester for fundraising. Furthermore, the new club does not only analyze movies but will include television shows such as Black Mirror.


“Basically book club but instead we’re watching movies,” Alamillo stated.