Another MoVal Christmas Carol is in the Books

The MVHS Theatre Department opened its 14th annual rendition of its play “A MoVal Christmas Carol,” which was directed by theatre teacher Mr. Shaw, Thursday night, the 6th, to commemorate the beginning of the Christmas season.

The play, written by Jeffrey Shaw and Ashley Benjamin, is a parody of the Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol” and during intermission, where senior understudy Citlally Pineda’s sisters were selling homemade hot chocolate, cake pops, cookies and cake, audience members gave their input on how they thought the show was going and what their favorite part was so far.

“It’s going really good and it’s really funny so far, “senior Lisette Garcia said. “The funniest part was probably when Spirit Present shows ups because she is so dramatic. My favorite part of the show has been when the narrator just pops in and interrupts the show because it’s funny.”

“I think the show is going pretty good because of the acting and I can tell they put a lot of effort and passion into their scripts and just getting down the lines,” said senior Andy Reyes. “My favorite part of the show has been the two guys that have been going in and out between the scenes because they’re just really funny and entertaining.”

“So far I like the play; it’s really funny, I really like the characters and how they play them, especially my friend Taylor and my friend Noelia,” said senior Jacqueline Parra, “The part with Noelia has been my favorite part of the show because it’s funny that she’s bringing up modern stuff.”

After the show was over, Mr.Shaw himself and a few cast members gave their own input on how they thought the show went and discussed some of the best and worst parts of preparing for the show. Mr.Shaw also went into detail on some of the the obstacles he had to overcome when producing the show.

“Tonight went really well, but this was a weird year, said Mr. Shaw, who said his biggest obstacle was the lack of time. “We’ve never did a show over two weekends and we’ve never done a show with no Saturday. But it was a good, I’m glad we ended where we ended. We really cut if short because we did an extra show, so we lost like 5 weeks of rehearsal, which is more than half the time we rehearsed. So it made it really hard because we came right back from break and then we had to perform. Also that we had a lot of new performers with big roles. It was the first time they had big roles and that’s usually what happens when new people have big roles.”

Humberto Rojo, a senior cast member who played Narrator One, said “I think it went really good. This is like the first show that we’ve had that’s a complete success where there’s not like no mess ups, no one’s late on their cues, we didn’t take too long to move sets – this is the first show ever in my four years in high school that this is good. And I think the best part… I really love the acting of the ghost of Christmas Past and the ghost of Present. I love their acting, that was the best. The worst… we did have some new people who were a little bit rusty but I think in the future they’re going to be good, they just need work.”

“I feel like the show went great,” said senior Noelia Romero, who played Spirit Present, “everyone did their lines correctly, everyone went full out for the last show, we had the superintendent come, it was great. The worst part of the show, because I am a senior, was doing our senior speeches. It was really sad, this is my last show so I’m really like really really really upset. The best part was that I went full out, I did my best, and I know that I couldn’t have done better than my best and I did my best and I’m… satisfied.”

“I think this was like probably our best show that we’ve had so far because everybody was on top of their game, everybody knew their lines, and at the end of the day, the oher shows don’t really compare to this one because the people are going to remember the first one not the last one” said senior Selena Cerros, who played lead character Elizabeth Scrooge, “The best part of the show was probably… the last scene. I think that was the best part because it showed like how we all came together as actors and put one big scene together with all of us. The worst part was probably when my head hit the desk and the powder flew up.”

Mr. Shaw concluded with his creative process surrounding the writing of the show and how he intends to change it: “I change the show every year. I try to make it better every year and I try to work towards the strength of the kids I got. I’m going to change it… but it’s going to be changed because of the casting I get next year. That’s the cool thing about this show, people come back and see it again, we had a bunch of alumni that have come to the show and they come every year and it’s really awesome to see them come back and remember how it was when they did the show They notice all the differences because we always update it because the present is now the new present; we didn’t have the same conversations that we had back in ‘06 when we first did this. Now it a whole different conversation and there’s different things: the school is different, the bells are different, the time we leave is different, who we make fun of is different because we always use the principles. So it’s fun every time because we recreate it.”