Veteran’s Day: More Than Just a Day Off

On November 11th, MVHS observed Veterans day, a national holiday. Students across the nation had the day off from school. Many adults didn’t have to go to work either and spent the day barbecuing or relaxing at home with their families. I found myself doing the same thing, and just like most Americans, throughout the day I never even bothered to reflect what Veterans day was all about.


Veterans day is regarded as the national holiday where we celebrate and honor military veterans, and the day we admire all the soldiers that died for this country.


¨ I don’t really know much about Veterans day except I don’t have to go school, and I know we also celebrate American soldiers,¨ said Sayani Partida, senior. ¨On this day I usually just chill at home and sleep in.¨


The true history and purpose of Veterans day is to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918.


¨ Yes most youngsters nowadays in particular have lost reality of why we celebrate Veterans day,” says Mr. Cowley, teacher at Moreno Valley High School  and ex-military man. “We gotta remember, it all started after World War I and was further influenced or supported after World War II, after our soldiers died and time after time showed perseverance to stop Hitler’s Germany then Japan.¨


Cowley recollects his time serving in the military, and emphasizes the idea that he knew what he was getting into, and wanted to join due to the long history of American soldiers.


¨I knew I wanted to join the military ever since I was in highschool,” Cowley said. “I wanted to honor those fallen soldiers and our veterans by serving as well.¨


Then there are those citizens that don’t have a clue why we celebrate Veterans day.

Because Veterans day is always portrayed with a American soldier and a American flag, students or Americans in general often believe its just a patriotic thing or a military thing.


¨I just see the American flag and some ad on TV, and I know its Veterans Day,” Manny Valadez, senior, said. “I don’t really know when the the holiday actually lands on, but it’s sometime in November.¨


Some criticize the lack of importance towards Veterans day compared to other holidays such as Valentines Day or Presidents Day.


“People often get excited when valentine’s day is around the corner and go buying teddy bears and chocolates, while posting on social media cute stuff, when it’s not even as important of a holiday compared to Veterans day,” says Partida.


It’s hard denying that Veterans day, is just not a appealing holiday compared to others. The question we have to ask ourselves is how can we spread its importance to make it more appealing to the youth.


“They should do a better job explaining the holiday at school, maybe giving us a informative slideshow or by bringing a real WW II veteran to talk to our school, I’m sure that will grab students attention,” said Manny Valadez.


There are approximately 20.4 million veterans in the United States, and about 31 percent of Vietnam Veterans suffer from PTSD.

“Veterans went through a lot to serve this country and I believe the best we can do is to make a bigger effort to celebrate them, that includes me,” Partida said.

It’s important to realize that the older generation Americans do understand the meaning of Veterans day, it’s the new generations that are struggling. However the whole concept of Veterans day is not leaving anytime soon.

¨I think it’s time we educated ourselves and taught kids why they are not coming to school on November 11th,¨ says Cowley.