MVHS Students Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Variety of Ways

At Moreno Valley High School, Thanksgiving break took time from November 17 to November 25; many students celebrated it differently.

“I think everyone spends the break in somewhat a same way,” Itzel Esquivel, sophomore, said. “We spend it with family. At least that’s what I think.”

Stephanie Medina
Itzel Esquivel, sophomore

An example is how some students don’t celebrate holidays, and others always celebrate holidays.

“Thanksgiving to my family isn’t a huge deal,” Jocelyn Romero, sophomore, said. “Actually, we don’t do anything for thanksgiving.”

Stephanie Medina
Jocelyn Romero, sophomore

Many students say that they were glad to just be out of school, as they were “stressing” from “a lot of work.”

“I look forward to thanksgiving break,” Salvador Sanchez, sophomore, said. “It’s a time that I don’t stress, plus I can eat a lot.”

Many people travel outside of Moreno Valley to spend it with family.

“I like to visit Jurupa Valley,” Melanie Miranda, sophomore, said. “It’s better than to have it at my house because I see family I never really see.”

Many students expressed how they felt for Thanksgiving day and the meaning behind it all.

“Thanksgiving is just another regular day to me,” Romero said. “I’ve never really celebrated it.”

“I think that Thanksgiving isn’t the only time that people should give thanks though,” Esquivel said. “I think we should give thanks for everything we have everyday. Not just on one day.”