“Stereotypical Skateboarders”

MVHS' Skateboarders Prove That There's More to Them Than the Stereotypes Suggest

Anthony Argueta, sophomore and skateboarder.

Verania Diaz

Anthony Argueta, sophomore and skateboarder.

Out of many groups thats represent Moval’s student population, skaters compose a significant amount of those.

Stereotypes that people are quick to assume about skaters are that they are potheads, they dress a certain way, are careless, etc . Some people seem to agree with these stereotypes and some don’t.  

“Stereotypes are that we don’t put thought into what we wear or that you’re just like every other skater and you supposedly get hurt when people wear Thrasher and what not and you have to kickflip to be a good skater when in reality skaters don’t care about that bulls**t,” Anthony Argueta, sophomore, said.

Some skaters don’t feel the need to learn tricks, they just want to skateboard for fun or just cruise around.

Argueta went on and said “I do not agree with any of the stereotypes cause all skaters are very different cause there’s many types of skaters there is skaters who only skate vert, others might skate street and everyone is just different. They might believe in the same thing and have the same goal, but all skaters are different when it comes to their interest, their style and their idea of what good skating is.”

Not all skaters care about what other are wearing, even if it’s a skater brand because they don’t take it seriously and feel that people can wear whatever they want.

Argueta went ahead and added “The skaters who care about people who don’t skate wearing skate brands, who like actually care and get hurt when people mall grab, or try telling you there’s only one way to skate those are fake skaters cause when it comes to real skaters it’s all love and respect for what others want to do with skating.”

I also got a different perspective from Willmer Gonzalez, tenth grader, who said “some stereotypes are that we’re stuck up punks, were potheads and we have no respect”.

For skaters, it’s hard for them to avoid being stereotyped as a druggy or scumbag even though the majority of them are the opposite.

“I disagree with these stereotypes,” Gonzalez added. “some of use are nice. Like me, I’m a really kind person and yeah a lot of skaters are potheads but there are countless skaters that are completely sober and we have a lot of respect for a lot of people”.