Stop Using Video Games as a Scapegoat for School Shootings

With the most recent school shooting, there came the questions on why he shot the school up. There were reports of him having mental illnesses and other things like that. Then on the news, some journalists were blaming something that really shouldn’t be blamed at all; they blamed a popular game called Fortnite.

The shooter played Fortnite and the friend of the shooter knew this. She told the public and it seems to me the media jumped on the news of this. Some journalists reported that the game likely caused the shooter to on to kill, or at least be a cause of it.

WHO, the World Health Organization, recently made gaming disorder an actual disease. But there is no proof of any of these things being connected to the shooting. A study by a university showed gamers that played gory games, like Resident Evil, real dead bodies that were gruesomely murdered. They had the same reaction as a non-gamer; they were grossed out and didnt like it. If people looked more into the stuff they are accusing of being the cause, maybe we would find the source and be able to stop it from doing worse. We could probably have more things to stay away from.  

I think we can take on worse things than video games for answers to stop the shootings. Gun bans don’t stop shootings because in some of the shootings, they didn’t even own the guns. Maybe if we had a check on some people who are suspicious or who are not in the greatest mental state, that maybe could improve our chances of stopping a shooting.