Moving Graduation Due to Renovation of the Field is Unfair to the Graduating Class of 2018

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The decision to renovate the field, which may end up causing the senior class of 2019 to graduate at either Valley View or Canyon Springs, has caused an upsetting uproar in the senior class.  

There will be limited tickets to attend the graduation at the other schools, but if the graduation was to be held at Moreno Valley High then there would be no limit to the number of people who attend. A big crowd at their graduation would be the cherry on top for seniors have waited for twelve years for the big day. Some seniors are the first to graduate or the last to graduate and the family wants to make it as special as possible, but their best accomplishment of grade school will be sufficiently ruined because of some mere construction that could have been done another time.

The construction is expected to last from February to May, and finish right on time before graduation, but hopes from the seniors are down since the principal already announced that it is unlikely that we will be able to graduate at Moreno Valley High because of the construction.

“My junior year I didn’t have a gym to play basketball,” said Ariyon Dawson, senior basketball player.  “Now my senior year I won’t have the field to graduate at my own school. Moval is ruining my high school experience.”

The school has been stumped by construction before. The construction company in charge of the renovations has missed the projected finish date for other phases by a long shot. The gym was supposed to be finished before basketball season, but it was barely finished by the end of the school year, which was months later than expected. It put the basketball players at a disadvantage by not having a home gym and having to struggle to commute to other gyms just to practice. The senior class of 2018 was also at a disadvantage by not having pep rallies and that is a memorable factor of high school.

The school made sure that the football team received a pep rally that year on the football field, but no other sports have gotten the recognition for a pep rally. The school has chosen football over other sports in the past, and now it is choosing football over the seniors.

They claim that they cannot wait until after graduation to renovate the field because football will need it for summer practice, yet there is another field that they can practice on. We have a field on the side of the actual football field that is perfectly fit to accommodate their practice. Postpone the construction and have football practice on the side field.

“I think it is really irresponsible for the school to have this construction and it’s unfair,” said Fernanda Ortega, senior. “It sucks to know that they are choosing the football team over the graduating class.”