“A Scary Time for Men” or Just More Injustice for Women?

Donald Trump’s “scary time for men” comment sparked controversy and tension between men and women during #MeTooMovement. Comments like these need to stop, especially from people who are the face of our government.


On October 02, 2018 Donald Trump entered a small press conference. During the conference Donald Trump commented, “It’s a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of. It’s a scary time indeed.”


The #MeTooMovement is a local and international movement against sexual harassment. The story behind “Me too” started after Alyssa Milano started the hashtag. Any women who was sexually assaulted would write “Me Too” on their status, as a move to make people aware of the problem.


Sexual harassment is a topic in which most women are silent about. About 91% of rape victims are women. A report from the criminal justice system found that out of 1,000 rapes, 310 cases are reported, and only 57 cases lead to arrest. In which case, 994 perpetrators walk free. Those accused of sexual assault are less likely to go to jail than other criminals.


Donald Trump’s comment created fear in young men, and rage in most women. Not only was it Donald Trump who said a malicious comment, but his son as well. Donald Jr. reportedly said he fears his son’s future more than his daughters.


In the comment, Donald Trump addressed it was men who should fear the accusations, rather than the women who were assaulted fear the actions that changed their life.


Women have always been shut out about rape and sexual assault/harassment. The excuses go from “it could ruin his life” without realizing her life was ruined in that moment, to “He’s just a kid” forgetting that she was as well to even “This can change his life,” as if her life will ever be the same again.  


Even with all the movements and hashtags women still fear their own voice, because all their life they have been told “boys will be boys.” Because of the fact that women “are easier to teach,” many actions go unsaid. Women could be covered from head to toe and still “be asking for it,” as some people would put it.  


Donald Trump’s comment supposedly sparked fear in men. Why would you have a need to be scared if you are innocent? This must stop. Women are finally reaching out, trying to speak. Comments like these shut them out again, aging those ready to speak in a box of silence. Instead of teaching boys to fear women and men who report rape and sexual harassment/assault, how about we teach them not to do it in the first place, and stop using the “boys will be boys” excuse.