Voting is a Right We Must Exercise

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The 19th amendment is a hallmark of our democratic nation. In order to achieve a good representation on where the people stand, both liberals and conservatives, it is necessary for Americans to vote.

Most Americans find themselves saying they don’t like the way the country is ran and blame Republicans or Democrats for the state of the nation. Some Americans blame the left for having weak immigration laws and being over-supportive to the working poor while others criticize the right for being greedy and racist. Yet when it comes  to voting in the presidential election or midterms, most Americans don’t. Only 58.1% of people voted in the 2016 presidential election; this means half of the country does not vote, and this is a big problem. Citizens often have the courage to denounce President Trump or a certain political party without voting themselves. If Americans really want to change society to their liking and have the right to criticize the political system, they have to start by voting or becoming educated to vote.

According to the NY Times, ¨ people typically cite one of two reasons for why they do not vote in the midterm elections: they are either too busy or not interested.¨ These people are imprudent. I’m not saying you have to follow politics on a regular basis, however, one should care what is going on in their own country. The article also states, ¨the United States turnout in national elections lags behind other democratic countries with developed economies ranking 26th out of 32¨. I say, how is this possible? We are the top influencing country in the world, we should be setting an example to the world showing how great our democratic model is, but yet we fail to do that.

Another big problem we have is young people not voting. On ThebestColleges.Org it states ¨young voters account for half of the voting population.¨ Despite this only 19% of people aged 18-29 cast their ballot in the presidential election compared to older people. There needs to be a bigger light shined on the importance of voting towards the youth of America and for all of American citizens. It is necessary for us Americans to express our 19th amendment because it is the foundation for our democracy and every citizen should have the obligation to vote to have a better America.