Teachers Deserve Better Pay

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Teachers deserve better pay, because teaching is the profession which gives way to all other professions.

Every day teachers are seen putting up with students who could care less about their grades and the well-being of their teachers. Often students take their teachers for granted when in reality, teachers affect them way more than they may think. Not only did they have to go through years of schooling for their profession, they are continuing to work hard and struggle. Not only I, but many kids I know, have been impacted in the best possible way because of the way a teacher has taught them. Regardless of whether it be pushing you or being patient with you, each teacher you have has taught you something and has possibly been able to help you grow.

According to an article written in the Los Angeles Times, in Los Angeles alone, district data show that out of 100 students entering high school, 12 will drop out, 79 will graduate and only 12 will earn a college degree. The author believes that it is not the fault of the teachers and thinks schools should pay them more in order to help teachers provide more support to students. Teachers teach generations upon generations and yet they are still being paid so much less than they should be. It is proven that teachers are often paid less than many other professions which is unsettling considering many of those professions don’t impact society the way teaching does.

The Odyssey Online published a story by Haley Black who makes the valid point that, “Teachers are the foundation for our future; these mentors guarantee a society of continued innovation by educating the children who will once lead the nation.” Teaching is not simply a 8 o’clock to 3 o’clock job; teachers take the work given to them by their average of maybe a little over 150 students home with them too. It would be impractical to believe they’d be able to get that amount of grading down with their period long break and their short lunches. Let’s not talk about how many are expected to stay after school for tutoring to ensure students are getting what they need. Not every teacher, but most, tend to invest in the lives of students, which includes being asked to sponsor and show up to the student events.

Teachers deserve better pay, because they impact society more than people typically acknowledge. It is more than just getting their paychecks to make a living, teachers play such a big role in the way kids grow up thinking.