What We Should Be Learning in School (But Aren’t)

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This is what we should have learned in school but never did. Let’s start off with the basics, such as; taxes, emotional awareness, mindfulness, responsibility and the art of failing.


You’re probably wondering where I’m trying to go with this and…well, I have a strong belief that there are many life skills that should be actually taught rather than only brought up once or twice during your school years. I mean if you think about it, what do us students really learn in school? Not enough. I feel as if we are taught to a certain extent, leaving us to figure everything else out on our own and lacking the skill of “REAL” education in the future. Teaching students the importance of life skills and working on ourselves mentally could really help us succeed!


After receiving that diploma, us students are thrown out into the real world with little or no knowledge of communication skills, how to deal with our mental health or taxes. Education should come with these factors. I shouldn’t have to turn this into a debate on what should already be in the curriculum.


Hopefully, you are by now getting where I’m coming from.


Moving along, let me explain the benefits of what should be taught. Mindfulness techniques to help improve physical health in a number of ways. Taxes, or simply lessons to help you better understand where your money is going to and the process of filing them. Even past graduates  have stated, “I wish I would’ve been more aware of taxation.” Emotional awareness helps us to acknowledge our inner worlds and managing our mental health. Learning the art of failing can help make clear that students are used to a punishment when failing and rewarded when not. What kind of lesson does that send? Some of our most important lessons come from failure.  And last but not least, we need to learn responsibility- by being held accountable for our own behavior. ALL of this is so important but yet little has changed to raise awareness of knowing these skills.


As expressed, there needs to be a change. A change in the infrastructure of education, a change in more students acknowledging the fact that more needs to be done, SOON! Reading this and agreeing with me can only do so much; it’s about taking that step in agreeing and trying to go further with this until we are taught the skills we need to know- and be able to have the tools we need in any circumstance in our lives. If life lessons were taught in class, it would ensure that everyone learned the basics of surviving in the real world.