Stop Complaining and Go Vote

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People need to learn how to exercise their right to vote. Many people in the U.S. are always talking about why a certain person won or questioning how he became famous, why does he get to have all the money, why did he earn this, he’s such a horrible person, but yet, they continue to do nothing to make a change.

In our country we have grown in different directions; we are slowly forgetting about  taking action in life and turn to complaining when we want something to be done. This isn’t something that should be taken lightly in the number one country known for many great inspirational changes; such as fighting for our freedom to be human, or fighting for equal marriage rights, or fighting for our right to vote. Sure, we have grown as one of the greatest countries in the world compared to outsiders that don’t live here, but to the people who do live here, we just don’t have enough. It’s funny because we learned to have a voice as a weapon but yet we use it now to create violence or to simply sit back and complain while everything falls in the opposite direction we did not choose.

According to United State Census Bureau, voting rates have decreased in percentage of the population since the 1900’s. “Voting rates have also historically varied according to age, with older Americans generally voting higher rates than younger Americans. In 2016, this was again the case, as citizens 65 years and older reported have a higher turnout (70.9 percent) than compared to 45-to 64-year-olds,” Thom File, of the Social, Economic and Housing Statistics Division reports.

Why don’t young people vote? The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and engagement released data stating, “21.3 percent – or around 10 million of us turned out to vote in the 2014 midterm elections, and in the 2012 election our generation had 64 million eligible voters, yet only 26 percent of us actually voted.”  74 percent of us did not vote in 2012. People tend to think their vote doesn’t count or it wouldn’t make a difference. If you don’t vote in an election, you can’t complain about the individual when he or she is elected because you did not use your right to vote, so you lost your right to complain.

A lot of us here today in this new generation are almost falling back. What I mean by this is that we are lacking self love, we are beginning to fear what others say about what our thoughts and actual opinion is, due in part to social media. People are not creating their own opinion anymore; everyone sees something trending on social media, absorbs it, and makes it their new thought, their new opinion. These social media apps we have now function as our news channels –  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are now our ABC, NBC, ESPN, and MTV. Our tv’s are now just our radio.

If you want something to be done,then get it done. Stop following others’ opinions on social media, stop complaining to people about who won when your were one of those people that did not vote. There are people who would vote if they could but can’t because we don’t live in a country of giving people chances to be a full citizen. This country was created for freedom; we have so much power and people need to realize that the fact that we have this choice to choose who can and can not be a leader is BIG. But if you’re not doing anything and living in fear then clearly you have no right to speak on anything.