The Right to Bear Arms is a Necessary Right

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We need our second amendment rights; banning guns won’t stop shootings.

Our forefathers wanted us to bear arms and that’s how it should be. You take away our guns, you’ll get more shootings and violence. The way firearms work is are ironic, the more you have, the less violence there will be. states, “ Gun violence has decreased almost equally with the increase in gun ownership.” However, with media portraying mass shootings, people tend to associate firearms with crazy shooters and murders. Although there are mentally unstable people unfit to hold guns, this should not restrict gun ownership for the rest of us. In fact, banning guns permanently would result in high demand for guns from other countries that would most likely come in illegally making them just like drugs, which results in violence.  

In an editorial published in The New York Times, politician Daniel Patrick Moynihan declares, “Guns don’t kill people; bullets do.” We should be able to have guns but only a certain amount of bullets, so shooters are less motivated to commit a mass shooting because they are very limited to rounds. By doing this, we avoid mass shootings and yet we still get to keep our guns.

Some will say why do Americans need to own guns when we don’t need them? What’s the purpose if we have a military that can protect us. This is wrong because the military focuses its attention on overseas affairs and in the case of any invasion or civil war, I want to have a firearm to protect me. If there is alien evasion, I would have a firearm to protect me to shoot those inhumane creatures right in their face. This would help me protect my family and my community.