Fragile: Proceed With Caution

Let’s be honest here, people these days are weak. Even adults nowadays whine about everything and it needs to stop. It’s hard to change people, but maybe we can fix the generations to come.

As people of America, we always have something to say. That is perfectly fine, having the freedom of speech and all, but a safe room for college students because of an election? This is what our country has shamefully come to.

So, where did this babying begin? With none other then the baby boomers! The “baby boomers” are the generation born from 1946 to 1964, most likely known as your grandparents. After World War II, my best guess of their thoughts would be, “ I never want my child to feel this way.”

I believe that this is where all of the problems started happening. People treated their children as if they were the most fragile things on the planet and never told them anything that could harm them. Little did they know, that this was hurting them more by not providing knowledge that people need in the “real world”.

After the generation known as Gen X grew up in this environment, Gen X’ers decided to tell their kids a little too much, too soon. They provided facts on how the world is unfair and this lead to responsibility and a new level of maturity at a young age.

Now, repeating the pattern, we go back to the cradling in millennials.


    “ …spoiled, lazy, pampered and over-rated youth—who are highly educated, but in things that the world doesn’t value very much…” said John Mariotti of millenials in his article “A ‘Generation of Sissies.’”


    While they made it okay to be whoever/ whatever you desire, they always seem to involve real world problems into non serious situations.


    A well known subject currently is your “pronouns” . If someone was legally born a girl, you can no longer assume that someone is a girl based on their physical appearance. When you do, often times they will give you a lecture that you have probably heard a million times before from the previous people that you have “assumed” upon. Just let people say what they want to; that is what you are fighting for, is it not?


    So what can we do? We can tell our children a healthy amount of information. Only mention what needs to be said, as needed. For example, instead of telling your child about sex when they ask, it would probably be better to ease into it starting around eight.


    You of course don’t need to take my advice, but think about it. Everybody is already a little messed up, why not try to avoid it before our society completely goes down the drain?