We Need to Take Teenage Relationships More Seriously

Teen romance -we’ve all been there done that, but what if I tell you that our generation can’t take love as seriously as before?

Statistics show that less than 2% of teen romance end in marriage. That proves something, whether it’s that we don’t understand the concept of love, or just that relationships at such a young age would be considered merely experimenting with love.

I have seen this in person and have dealt with it myself. Typical relationships nowadays only last a couple of months. There are some lucky ones that last up to one to two years,but most teenagers from what I have seen cannot stay committed to one another. Whether it’s the boy or girl can vary.

Parents take a big toll on this, they should teach girls and boys how to treat one another. Dating shouldn’t be seen as a taboo in families. Whether they like it or not, one day their kid will end up married or in a relationship. So why not teach them how to treat someone from the beginning?

Winifred Gallagher, from New York Times states “It takes time for a teenager to realize that a relationship isn’t just an infatuation based on haphazard attraction, but an entity on which two people with compatible personalities work together.”

Truly all we need is time to grow from those bad habits of just being infatuated by one another’s looks, and focus on how the person feels. That should be what a relationship is all about, learning about one another and beginning to care for them.

I think that teens should start to focus on how relationships are something to cherish and not end things badly with your significant other., by doing things such as cheating and “playing” one another. That’s all this generation is about. A majority of girls and guys have been hurt from this, which is another problem in our generation.

We don’t care about relationships as much as we should. I think that people need to change their views on relationships and start taking them seriously.