And the Teacher of the Year Award Goes To…

Teresa Gutierrez, Editor, Staff Writer

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Mr. Warren, English teacher and basketball coach, has won the award for teacher of the year which was given during the Homecoming Football game.

The nominations were announced during the first opening minutes of the event. Candidates included Mrs. Reyes, Mr. Holm, Mr. Yang, and Mr. Gallarzo.

All four nominated teachers shared the same sentiment that they were honored to be chosen by the students as runner ups. “ Being nominated was an honor. Being nominated was one of those moments that motivates me to keep going and trying my bests” English and Journalism teacher Mrs. Reyes said.

Mr. Warren was born and raised in Riverside, California, and is serving his second full year teaching at Moreno Valley High. Graduating from San Diego State, he then went on to UC Riverside for his teaching credentials.

His father, who was also a high school English teacher, inspired him to pursue after the same career as he did. “In college, I explored other fields (business and political science), but I always felt more comfortable tutoring and working with students” he says.

Mr. Warren says that his favorite part of teaching is creating relationships with students and catching up with past students who go visit him. To him, teaching is a unique experience everyday and the chance to change students’ lives keeps him going.

“In teaching, my goal is to empower students and prepare them for their own personal journeys ahead.” he says.

Upon receiving the award, he is incredibly grateful and honored to be considered for it. He appreciates the help and guidance that teachers on campus have given him during the past years he’s taught here.

“Thank you to all the students I have been able to work with these past two years as well, you all truly make it worth it” Mr. Warren said.