MVHS’ Choir’s Haunted House a “Horror”-ible Success

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With the help of volunteers from several groups on campus, MVHS Choir hosted a haunted house to raise money for its’ department. The haunted house debuted on Tuesday, October 30 in the old guidance building and was reopened Halloween night.

The haunted house was American Horror Story themed, and it was being worked on since the beginning of October until it was ready for opening on Tuesday. It was open during both lunches and was opened again for Halloween the next night; tickets were $2.00 both days. Though it was hosted by Choir, volunteers from other groups such as theatre, band, ASB, and teaching academy helped make this year´s haunted house possible. According to those involved in the making of it and those who went through the house, it was a success.

¨I feel like we accomplished a lot and really reached our goal… having all the people come and the scaring…what this event is for me. We scared a lot of people,¨ junior Isaias Birts said. Birts is a part of choir, and his family played a major role in helping put the haunted house together.

Just like Birts, senior and clown of the haunted house, Miguel Balan, felt good about all the work put into the house and the results from it.

¨It feels pretty great. I like to see people being scared but then again, like, they look like they’re having fun,¨ Balan said. ¨I feel very, like, proud… I´m having fun… it’s an experience everyone should, like, at least try once.¨

The haunted house took about 3-4 weeks to get up; and, with around 30 people helping, it was set up completely Monday night. However, even with all the work put in and the satisfaction with the results, those who put the house together feel like there is still room for improvement.

¨I think it was good, it’s just it was really dark, so I didn’t know, like, which ways to go through,¨ senior Saige Miranda said. Miranda went through the house and shared her thoughts on how it could be improved. ¨But they did good! They scared me, I was screaming.¨

Many students shared the same opinion as Miranda about the quality of the haunted house. They were scared and enjoyed their experience.

¨A bunch of people jumped at me and scared the crap out of me,¨ sophomore Abigail Hildebrand said. Hildebrand added that Choir did a ¨very good job¨ and it was ¨better than last year.¨ Just like many other students, she also said that she would go through the haunted house again.

The ¨woman in charge,¨ Cynthia Birts, volunteer and mother of Isaias Birts, was also pleased with the results of the haunted house.

¨This one is, like, ten times better than last year,¨ said Ms. Birts. In regards to the outcome of the haunted house, she mentioned, ¨I think that we´ll be able to judge the success by how the students are talking about it days to come and how much money we raised for the choir department.¨

Ms. Birts felt that this year’s haunted house was better because of the amount of volunteers, the staging, the lighting, the material, and the area they were able to use. She added that principal Brown did a good job of making sure Choir got to use the facility and she needed to thank her for it.

As far as improvement, Ms. Birts believes that they have a ¨good formula¨ and added that, at the end of the event, the team will get together and decide what will work best for next year.

Overall, the Choir department´s haunted house was enjoyed by many and definitely reached the goal of ¨getting it out there¨ that choir is involved in more than just singing. Ms. Birts concluded by saying, ¨Get ready for next year.¨