On the School Wide SAT Day, the Freshmen Got to Play


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Moval Freshmen had a day to see the other side of their BARR teachers. While the rest of the campus took the SAT or PSAT, the ninth graders got to play sports, board games, and attend an informative gang presentation.


There were different kinds of sports such as soccer, dodge ball, basketball, swimming, and baseball.

“We picked sports to build social and interaction skills,” Rachel Reyes, a Barr teacher on campus, said. She also stated “Another big purpose was to morale for freshman and to provide a break from school work.”


During some of the sports games, many of the BARR teachers got competitive . Parwiz Ahmadi (another BARR teacher) got real competitive.


“We should have fun once in a while,” Ahmadi stated.


Many students were active and having fun which the BARR teachers were happy about.


Later throughout the day students attended a very important presentation on Gang violence. The person giving the presentation was a lawyer named Evelyn Essenwanger. She was explaining the danger in gang violence; she stated ”Gang members are not your friends, your family are”.

Many facts were provided about gang violence. Facts such as why people want to be a gang member.


“Why are youth so attracted?” Essenwanger stated. “Well it can be for power, protection, getting high, they want to feel  belong, and etc.


Wayne Parkerson, a past motorcycle gang member who participated in the presentation stated, “he started when he was 11 yrs old. He would hang out with his friend of 18 yrs of age, (name unknown) this friend would drag him to do very bad things. Bad thing like mug people for their change, when they came out of stores.


Parkerson said that he is sorry for his actions and he wants the youth to learn from his mistakes.


“Don’t hangout with bad people,” Parkerson said. “Decisions determine your life so do the right ones.”


After the informational presentation, many students got back to playing sports. The last sport team D played for the day was basketball.


BARR stands for Building Assets, Reducing Risks and it is a support program for all 9th graders at MVHS. There are teams of about 100 students who share the same math, science, and English teacher. Team D is Mrs. Reyes, Mr, Jaquez, and Mr. Ahmadi.


Mr. Jaquez states that he “hope[s] this helps to connect with each other.”


Many students appreciated the break from the seriousness of school work and grades.


“It was a fun experience to socialize with friends, but Dodgeball uh uh!” Trezna Moore, freshman, said. “I got hit in the face by the ball 3 times!”

Another student Kalee Juarez freshman stated, “I had fun and it was pretty interesting seeing the other side of our teachers. Especially Mr. Ahmadi and Mr. Jaquez; they were in it to win it.”


After the activities, most students went back to a classroom group leader to chill and relax. Overall, all the student were worn out and tired. Even the teachers were too. It was a good, fun, informational day.