MVHS’ Choir Performs and Inspires at the Fall Concert

Choir kicked off the year with a fall concert in the MPR, by performing songs they have been preparing for, having an impactful effect on some, and announcing plans for the future.

The fall concert consisted of five different groups of choir which were concert, beginning women’s, vocal jazz, bella voice, and chamber singers. Each group performed a total of three songs and they each brought a different sound to the table which made them diverse from the other.

Mrs. Jackson, the choir teacher was proud of the students and was surprised with the turnout. She thinks that success of the performance was due to its supporters people.

“I love teaching at MVHS, there’s so many people that support choir,”Jackson said. “It’s a collaborative, supportive environment”

This environment was seen when the band director, Mr.Vasquez, came on stage to play a song on his guitar with the students. Mrs. Jackson took the opportunity to announce that on the 24th of October the chamber singers will be performing at Riverside City College.

Shortly after, two groups of choir came together and sang a song together. Mrs. Jackson informed the audience that they are already preparing for their winter concert that will take place in winter and that the collaboration seen at this concert was a sneak peak of the next concert.

“We plan on combining these two groups with another piece of choir so they can all sing together” Jackson said.

AJ Malepeai a sophomore who is the pianist and base was also happy with the outcome of the concert. At the beginning, he was worried, but ended up content with the results.

“It was a blessing to play piano for all of them…I was amazed of how good everyone had done” Malepeai said.

Like Malepeai, Aaliyah Payton, a freshman, soprano, and soloist was also nervous at first. Although choir can be nerve wrecking at times, it has helped her get out of her comfort zone.

“It has boosted my confidence…I’m not afraid to talk or sing in front of others” Payton said.

Tiffany Elias, a freshman in the audience and music fanatic enjoyed the concert and was pleased with the performance. She went to support her friends and thought that the concert was amazing.

“They put in hard work. The song choices were very well picked. Each matched the specific voices of the students. They went well with them” Elias said, “…I was emotional because I know everyone gave it their best…Seeing my friends on stage made me tear up because it made me realize that they are growing up”.

Antonio Morelos, a father and an alumni of MHVS was in the audience with his wife to support their daughter. He enjoyed the performance and seeing the students perform caused him to reflect on his MoVal days.

“It was great, it was awesome,” Morelos said. “Mrs.Jackson did a great job with the kids…it took me back a long long time ago when I use to stand on this stage.”

Hearing the choirs singing and watching the stage performance really left an impression on Morelos.

“As a parent I’m very proud, and as a Viking I’m proud of the new generation,” Morelos said.