Spirit Week Competes With SATs and College Kickoff Week


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MVHS held their annual homecoming spirit week and it was not as widely participated in as it has been in previous years.

Students that did participate had a lot to say about the themes and the placement of the week spirit week occurred on.

“I’m not gonna lie that pisses me off because I really wanted to dress up on Western Wednesday” 12th grader Enrique Palomo said, “and then I find out it’s on a short day and it’s on the day of the SAT, so I wasn’t really feeling that”.

Many students shared the same feelings toward it being held on the week of the SATs and the same week the quarter ends, which indicates a minimum day.

“I kind of feel like spirit week should have been last week not this week,” 12th Grader Richard Ruvalcaba said, “only because this week was busy”.

Meme Monday was the kick off of spirit week and some believe that it did not go as planned.

“I’ve been waiting for this spirit day forever,” 12th grader Jennifer Arellano said, “I’m so sad that nobody else participated, hardly anybody did it”.

Others enjoyed the concept of it and didn’t notice the lack of participation.

“Meme day was my favorite theme,” 10th Grader Daniel Torres said, “It’s fun, it’s easy and a lot of people like it.”

Many valued Comic Book Tuesday because they believed it allowed to show one’s interests and allowed them to be creative.

“I like seeing everyone dressed up and seeing what everyone comes up with,” 12th Grader Lilian Luna said.

College Thursday was not on the list of anyone’s top favorites, it appeared to be the least anticipated.

“That’s kind of lame” 12th Grader Fred Flores said, “not a lot of people are looking forward to college Thursday,”

Some students, like 12th Grader Evelyn Alamillo, thought the theme was “weird and awkward” and did not flow with the rest of the themes.

Infinity Gauntlet Friday did not appeal to those who weren’t fans of the Avengers or comics in general.

“I didn’t really understand the whole Gauntlet thing but that’s probably because I didn’t watch the movie,” Palomo said.

Allowing the student body to have a say in the themes of spirit week and also elaborating on what it requires may promote more participation in the future.

“Yesterday I couldn’t dress up like a meme because I didn’t know exactly how to dress up like one,” Integrated Math 2 and 3 Teacher Ms. Pineda said. “So I think if you decide to select a topic maybe give examples of how to do it all over the school”.

Spirit week allows people to show school spirit and enjoy the countdown to the homecoming game. The homecoming game was highly anticipated, but ended up being cancelled because of the thunderstorm and was rescheduled to continue on the following Monday. There was also no homecoming pep rally this year.

“I think that it’s really good for people to have school spirit to kind of bring students together and get excited about the school community,” Ceramics Teacher Mrs. Flordelis said.