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MVHS’ Chess Club Tournament a Success

From left: Francisco Meza, Abraham Zambrano, and Emilio Yanez. Meza earned a flawless first place in the chess tournament, while Zambrano and Yanez earned 2nd and 3rd, respectively.


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Kids K-12 from a few places within the Inland Empire came to MVHS’ chess tournament on October 6, 2018. It was a dream for science teacher Mr. Ahmadi for a few years and now it has come true.

“We had over 80 students out of the 190 that pre-registered,” Ahmadi said.

Ahmadi’s love of chess started when his mom brought home a chess board from the flea market. He learned how to play and happily figured out that there was a chess club at Vista High School. This club helped him socialize and make friends.

”It’s a fantastic game that breaks down boundaries,” Ahmadi said. ¨A form of art.”

Victor Moralez, 2018 graduate, participated in the chess club during his senior year. Chess helped him make friends and says it made his year better.

Chess is a “game of the mind,” Moralez said. He also explained chess as “tiring.”

Being a student of Ahmadi’s last year lead him to compete in a competition during his senior year and won 3rd place thanks to Ahmadi’s teachings.

“It just made the year better,” Moralez said.

James Williamson has been playing chess for 35-40 years and now teaches and tutors at Orange Terrace Library. He has been teaching their almost since it opened.

“It used to be a normal thing to have chess meetings there.” Williamson said.

James teaches and tutors mostly fifth through ninth graders almost every Saturday.  He says that every once in a while, he will get a kinder or first grader wanting to learn.

“Not a lot of logical thinkers will come in but when they do, they often understand a lot quicker,” Williamson said.

Williamson thinks of himself as a logical thinker and believes that lead him to chess. Instead of other sports, he chose chess because you aren’t often on a team.

“The event went very well!” Ahmadi said.

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MVHS’ Chess Club Tournament a Success