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Some people get chosen to be the lucky ones, always being together psychically and being able to talk face to face. It hurts to know that we can’t have it as easy as them. The majority of time we have together is spent through a screen. This doesn’t change how I feel about you, though. I know that what I feel runs deep in my soul and is nothing close to artificial.

I love you. You’re my compass, always pointing true north. Everyone knows you’re such a pure and beautiful soul, but to me you’re so much more than that. You radiate strong like the sun, but in reality you’re the moon. You keep everything calm and in balance. Without you, life would feel a chaotic mess. I’d just be searching for the perfect person, looking from map to map but never finding my true destination. Life really is as good as it gets when I’m with you.

To me, nothing will ever matter more than your livelihood. I always want to see you shine and be the best you that you can be. Often times you think I expect too much of you, but it is not. You have the capacity to do anything you pour your heart into. I understand that I mean so much to you, but if I ever am not with you, I want to ensure that the quality of your life is just as good or better than when I am there. You’re the best girl ever, and you deserve the world. I do the most for you to have everything that I can physically give. That is the purpose I have in my life. I hope I’m doing okay.

I want you to remember that heaven is a place on Earth with you.

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