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She keeps on passing me by

                                                   She keeps on passing me by

                                Another day, Another opportunity, Another line to think of.

                                              Can’t focus. Just focus, why don’t you!

                        Times moving to fast wait now to slow so slow.. what’s going on

                                     Think of something else. Think of something else.

                                                    She keeps on passing me by

                                       Damn, here it is again that smile those eyes

                                    I’ve never seen someone put together so perfectly

                What do i have to do to call you mine. someone like you is just so hard to find.

                                                            Baby you a miracle.

                          you keep hitting me with this simile,that o so beautiful smile of yours.

                                                                No no stop focus

                                                     She keeps on passing me by

                                                     She keeps on passing me by

                                                     She keeps on passing me by

                                                                She She’s She’s

                                                       Standing right in front of me..

About the Writer
Romeo Orozco, Staff Writer

Romeo, sophomore, is a nice, funny, caring, and happy person. He enjoys skating and watching sports. When he grows up, he plans to be an entrepreneur and...

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