High School – Phobia

High School – Tormentor of my dreams,

A once anticipated moment, now a despised place.

Four years of experience, good times, bad times.

My knowledge has expanded since getting here.

This place has seen my evolution to the person I am today,

Many phobias came within…



My hands began to drip,

My head begins to thump,

I become nervous but then realize that,

It is just and exam.



My stomach begins to squirm,

But somehow manages to talk to me.

I would give it what it wanted but it began to hurt even more.

Constantly, bathroom breaks are what were desired.

The lunch was horrible.



Was how my first year was spent.

Not wanting interaction.

Hating and misjudging is what was recieved.

Second year was letting people in but still aware.

Third year was bettering itself and surrounding myself,

With people who showed careness.

Fourth year; best people met.


This place in itself resembled the worst and best years of my life.

The constant stress, the new people in my life,

Discovering oneself seeing how people really are,

But what can I bring to this dark cold world?

Constant preparing for college but what about real life?

Something not taught.

Atychiphobia roams…