A Beautiful Broken Human

Life is like a tree

Sprouting and stretching every branch and leaf

They say that when life gives you lemons make lemonade

But what they do not tell you is to squeeze them in your eyes

It will burn like a papercut to the thumb but it will teach you to find ways to heal

The wounds and the cuts that will burn and run deep into your soul, your heart, and your skin

Do not let these things define you, let them remind you of life and how it is

Not afraid to throw a damn boulder at your body and beat you blind, but still manage to tell you to get up

GET UP! The battle has only begun.

Your bruises like crushed lilacs and berries in a bunch.

Your words slurring with every drop of blood that falls down onto your lap like spilled wine

But you still get up.

And you take a deep breath.

And let the sweet smell cascade your nostrils as a small smile dances its way onto your lips

You have just won the battle.

You’ve managed to step out of that dark corner you’ve made a home in and persisted

When every bone was weakening beginning to creak like an old wood floor

You still fought.

Because even though this world may throw you some rough uppercuts, And at times you have to be stronger than you actually are,

You never forget that it is okay to cry and ease the pain of the lemons that seem to be seeping into your pores

Because at times your lungs will fill with the salty seas that the universe likes to see you sink into

But you will soon learn to love the taste of salt on your lips for it is a reminder of the hardships and hurdles that you’ve overcome to get to where you are

Do not let the tides drag you under and thrash you around like a rag doll because

you are a force to be reckoned with

you are not worthless

You are worth more than the stars in the sky and the galaxies and the planets and the goddamn sun that burns every morning just to give the moon a rest.

You are the epitome of the roses that rest beautifully outside my front door

Basking in the sun and wallowing in who you are and the beauty you have engraved in your skin

Sometimes you will lay outside at night wondering why your were chosen to live this life and why you were gifted with the body that you hold, the house you were sold, and your thoughts will soon seem to be all too ‘enormous’ for you

And then that is when you remember

You remember the once searing lemons that would burn through your corneas like a flame burns the skin.

And everything will just come rushing back; the salty seas, the hurdles, the burns and the battles of the beauty that you are.

You are a human.

A beautiful broken human.