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Am I a Woman?


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Am I a woman? Am I a woman because I can cook? Am I a woman because I wash the dishes so well you can see your reflection. Am I a woman because I enjoy getting my nails done. Am I a woman because I take long showers, or wear dresses, or put on makeup, or any other thing a woman is supposed to do just because I do it?

I always thought a woman was someone who is strong and independent. Someone who is strict only because she cares. But in today’s society women are so much less. I live in a society where being a woman is considered being a minority. Women are depicted by being mothers, house wives, and other things that come with being a woman. Women are lower than men. Whether she is dominant, or she’s submissive with the way she speaks she will always be less superior. But Audre Lorde swears by her name that she “is not afraid to speak up.” Women create the voice for their people and women who are not yet as confident as the other. And when our voices don’t work we kill them with silence. Because we as women all share the same struggles in this society.

May I be one of many females to break some gender roles, and stereotypes. I am a woman because my room only stays clean for a day. I am a woman because my bed is never made. I am a woman because I hate doing dishes more than anything in the world. I am a woman because I love new clothes but regret every time I put on a shirt, off a shirt. Jumping in and out of jeans. I am a woman because I am competitive. I am a woman because I chose to be independent, I am a woman because I do not back down from a challenge, and will do anything in my power to have my voice be heard. I am not the woman society wants me to be, but the woman I want to be.

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Alana Carmona is an outgoing and positive person, just as a Gemini should be. She enjoys competing in any sport she can because it keeps her busy and allows...

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Am I a Woman?