It’s Happening

It’s happening

We’re growing up, and there’s no stopping it



Paying bills, going to work, long shifts

Tired days and worrisome thoughts

Good thing I have a job because now I got my own money in my own pocket

Anything I need, I got it myself

Put clothes on my back, food in my stomach

No more baby boy, having mother change me

No more having mother squeeze toothpaste onto my toothbrush

No more nap time, or having recess

Time to make our own doctors appointments

Old enough to drive now

Too many responsibilities to count

Gotta learn how to manage time wisely

Friendships get hard

Friendships get complicated

Times get stressful and you want to give up

That’s what it’s like growing up

It doesn’t stop there

You’re on your own

Thrown out into the real world

Not much knowledge about how the real world works

A little scared, but more anxious than ever

To see what lies ahead of me

Concerned about the path Ill will take in life

The path which will take me on my journey as to becoming an adult in this world

Memories as a child, playing out in the yard

Throwing rocks, freeze tag, pretending to be superheros

Those are memories of the past, memories I will cherish for the rest of my life

Memories never forgotten

New memories will be made

Some for the best and some for the worst

The saddest part of growing up is the disconnection of friendships

Some of the best memories made with some of the best people  

When people grow up

People grow apart, get too busy for eachother, people stop hanging out

Life gets in the way

That’s normal

That’s ok

Where all just growing up


It’s happening.