When It Comes to Technology, the Negatives Outweigh the Positives

Everyone thinks that technology is the future of our world and that may be true, but it does not mean it is good. Technology has had many negative impacts on our world and on our society.

Technology does not allow us to use our brains as much. Now, whenever we need the answer for something, we just go on google, type in our question, and it will give us the answer right away. When we do that, we are not setting a challenge in our minds so we are not learning anything about the subject. We can do that with any type of problem, whether it is a math problem, English, biology, etc. We are not letting our brains take on the challenge and answer the question. Research shows that when you know that you can just look up a question on your phone, you are less likely to remember the answer, so why do you want to use technology – to get you to be more forgetful? More young people from this age are more likely to forget simple things like what day it is or where they placed their keys.

The levels of depression and anxiety among teens have gone up due to a lot of technology and social media use. With social media, you can post anything you want and that may hurt other people without you knowing it. There are some people that find their escape from the world by using social media or technology and that can cause them to have social anxiety. When you use social media and technology too much you are forgetting your social skills; therefore, a lot of people that use social media are lacking social skills and have social anxiety.

Research also shows that using social media a lot can cause obesity. The reason it can cause obesity is because people are spending less time being active or exercising and more time eating in front of your laptop while watching funny videos or seeing what other people post. All of this can also cause depression and anxiety. Social media can also cause you not to sleep well. It can cause that because you may want to stay up to watch videos or just stay in social media. When we go to sleep, the glow of your phone or laptop still stuck in your brain that will not let the mind turn off completely. You may also not go to sleep comfortably because of constantly looking down at your phone or laptop. Bad eyesight is one of the negative effects of using technology too much. Since you are looking at something so close to you, you are straining your eyes. This can lead to a lot of headaches and migraines

Social media also causes you to have a shorter attention span which can also interfere when you are reading something because you stop paying attention to what you are reading, so you do not understand what it was about. Studies show that when you read something on the internet or on a laptop or phone, you are not gaining as much information as you would gain if you were reading in a regular paper book. When you read something on a laptop or phone you tend to miss some details and not catch all the information that is supposed to be caught.

Studies show that there are “internet addicts”. These studies show that the mind of an internet addict functions similar to the mind of a drug addict. Most internet addicts tend to not eat food and avoid school and sleep to be on the internet. That causes them to have difficulties with simple things like decision making, processing emotions, paying attention, etc. Drug addicts also tend to have the same problems.

Sure, the internet helps a lot by helping you talk to people far away or by helping you find something quick, doing assignments and a lot of other things that are good things but keep in mind those reasons because all of these reasons combined make up a bad way to live your life. Would you really want to spend your life with bad eyesight, neck and back problems, obesity or with the mind of a drug addict? I do not think so, so next time you are thinking about staying up late to watch funny videos think about these reasons and consequences.