Having a Big Cat as a Pet: Yes or No?

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When having an animal it means committing to a relationship with your pets for their whole life.Having a pet that can live in your lifestyle and your home.Can predators really be suited for your lifestyle and safety?

Many people have been having a controversy about whether it is an “OK” to own lions, tigers, leopards, cougars and other big cats as pets.I’m going to give you information about the difference between having dogs and cats versus big cats as pets and let you decide. Back to the topic of having a pet suited for your home; having a pet it requires time and money. It costs over $500 a year for expenses like food, a bed, medical expenses, and so on. Now when owning big cats, the maintenance costs are more like $900 to $25,000. A lion can eat up to ten to 15 pounds of meat a day. If you think about that, it’s going to cost you a good amount of money rather than owning a dog.

Owning big cats also requires strength but even with this strength you are still no match with there’s. These skilled, violent, wild animals were born to hunt. In an article called “Big Cats Are Beautiful But This Is Why They Should NEVER Be Pets.” I read that children under six years of age can not be allowed in a sanctuary because the cats would see them as an easy prey and start getting excited. Now this is proof that no matter how long you have been seeing these damn cats do no harm when you see them at a zoo, they’re still going to have this urge to kill. Imagine being attacked by a 500 pound cat with sharp claws and strong sharp teeth. Now that isn’t cute at all.

Big cats who are held captivity in a small area tend to also become really, really stressed and are known to go crazy. This is known as zoochosis; the big cats often have very high aggression and when held in a place for too long they’re having their instinct to hunt taken away from them. With this problem they may even attack their own owner.

Now I know some of you are probably not fully convinced that you can’t have them as a pet, because I, myself, am not either. Sure, these violent cats were born in the wild, naturally raised to hunt and kill, and taught this by there parents as a young cub. But what if you raised this predator from birth? What if you train them to not be violent?

A man named Eduardo Serio convinced me to believe that instead of using these animals for our own tools and money,and happiness we should help save them, give them a home were they live happy and unbothered. This very man convinced me to understand of what we people don’t understand about animals because they themselves don’t have a voice to speak like we do. He created this foundation called The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. This foundation is trying to help convince people the perception of the animals to start a revolution about respect and love for all living things.He raised most of these big cats when they were babies and has in fact trained them to a whole different side than from their ancestors but plans to give them their own and much very big home to live at in multiple states. He believes that these animals deserve to be treated right. He was convinced to do this after a call from his cousin who is an animal expert, talking about how a pet store was trying to have a black jaguar to sell and wanted to drug this black jaguar for photographs in order to get income.   

Now you tell me,how do you feel about this, do you still think these animals should be pets?