Teachers and counselors celebrate Students’ Final College Choices After SIR Day

Senior Jennifer Aguado celebrates her submission of her Statement of Intent to Register at Cal State San Bernardino.

Dustin Cerda, Staff Writer, Editor

May 1st, SIR day, is an important day for high seniors because it is the deadline for students to submit their Statement of Intent to Register to the college of their choice. The SIR finalizes a students admission to one of the colleges they were admitted to.

The counselors invited seniors to the MPR on Wednesday, May 3, where they were given a certificate congratulating them on their choice of college. There were also backdrops and props for pictures with their fellow students and administrators. Additionally, the students were given ice cream as a reward for their accomplishments.

There are many factors that students consider when picking a college to attend. One of the main factors students consider when picking their college is how much financial aid they are offered by the school. However, some students feel it is worth it to pay extra to go to the college of their dreams.

Some students choose their college based on the location. Some students want a campus by the beach, some want to stay close to their family while others are anxious to get away from their families

“I am excited to attend UCSB in the fall because the campus is right on the beach,” said senior Brianna White.

  Some of these students will be the first in their family to attend a 4-year university. It is a proud moment for both the students and the parents who are happy to see their kids being given the opportunity to succeed. Many students at Moreno Valley High School come low income backgrounds so the opportunity of college is a big deal to these students because it gives them an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their family.

With the prospect of college however, comes plenty of stress. When students go to college they are given complete freedom and may fall behind in their academics. Keeping up grades is a big worry for incoming freshmen along with the worry of racking up college debt.

“I’m worried about not having the strength to push myself to do better,” said senior Jennifer Aguado.

There are different things that motivate these students to go to college. Some are motivated by their desire to get a good-paying job and be successful. Others are motivated by something deeper, such as a desire to help others.

“I really enjoy math and would like to teach it and have other people enjoy math,” said Aguado, who hopes to major in mathematics.