Genesis Miranda Wins 8th In The Nation at the Girls CIF State Wrestling Championship

Alicia Herrera, Staff Writer

Genesis Miranda, senior at Moreno Valley High School, made her success as she placed 3rd in State and 8th in the nation at the CIF State Wrestling Championship.


Genesis has been wrestling for four years. When she found out she won 8th in the nation she said ¨I felt amazing and relieved.¨ She didn’t know she was going to place at all, but with that being said she had had an injury from a match that she had wrestled in on the second day before winning CIF.


The match took place in Oklahoma, and she stayed for six days and was given an extra day in Oklahoma so that she could tour and practice with Oklahoma City University.


It was like a dream come true for Genesis, ¨I´ve  always dreamed of this but never did I think they were going to come true.¨  The key to making Genesis´s dream come true was to ¨work hard, stay consistent and wrestle with your heart out.¨ Genesis has always wanted to wrestle. ¨I wanted to wrestle because it was different, I didn’t want to join a popular sport because well it’s popular.¨


Depending on others was something that Genesis didn’t like. She stated,¨ I hate depending on others to win, if I lose I can’t blame my partner, my mom, my coach. I can just blame myself.¨

She considers herself to be her ¨own boss¨


A piece of motivation that Genesis said was¨ I don’t see what’s the point in participating in something and not trying your best, life is to short to not try your best in everything you do, especially the things you love to do the most, I’ll regret if I don’t at least try to get better. You never know how far you´ll go and I hate losing, especially close matches.¨


The pressure back at home was starting to make Genesis nervous she said, ¨…I was nervous because everyone back at home is expecting me to do great. So many people had spent money and time on me, what if I didn´t? What if I wasn’t as good as everyone thought I was? My dream university was watching my every move and I was injured, I was scared of making a mistake that was going to cost me a win.¨  

In the future Genesis Miranda plans on taking it a step further in  wrestling for Oklahoma City University, who she signed with a couple months ago.