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Senior AVID Students Recognized at UCR

Jesus Castillo, Staff Writer

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The AVID Senior Recognition took place on April 21st at UCR and gave the AVID seniors a chance to celebrate their accomplishments of getting through and staying with the AVID program.

“I feel hyped because it’s the first ceremony of our senior year,” senior Jacari McKinney said.

McKinney was excited especially because the AVID reflection marked the first in a series of senior events that give recognition to all that was accomplished this past school year.

“Nah not yet, I gotta wait until the end of May comes, then imma feel it.”

When asked if it hit him that he was almost done with school Jacari responded with a resounding no because there’s still one month left in the school year.

“I feel great, all my hard work has paid off,” McKinney said.

Senior Ruben Perez was talking about all the struggles and tough challenges he had to go through while being in Avid because of all the binder checks, tutorials, and the cornell notes.

“No not at all,” Perez said. “I still feel like it is going to continue on, this is not the end.”

Perez also doesn’t feel as if the year is close enough to being over to see  if he is ready for the “real world,” however he shows, with a large amount of confidence, that he is ready for a real challenge, every journey has new beginnings.  

“I feel proud because I will be the first in my family to hopefully attend college,” Perez said.

Senior Jacqueline Castañon shared how she’s setting a milestone for her family and herself being the first one to go to college, which is pretty tough in its own right.

“Actually no it has not, although I have usually been on top of my work,” Castañon said. “I still have been getting lazy on doing all my work.”

Castañon shows that she isn’t really doing her work as much because it’s the ending of the year, and the fabled senioritis has struck Jacqueline in a bad way.

“Well I felt pressure, but calm,” Castañon said. “For some reason my nerves didn’t kick in until after I was off the stage because after my heart was beating fast.”

AVID Senior President Jeanette Viramontes said when she was describing how she felt speaking in front of the other avid schools and families.

“Yes it’s hitting me, especially with the event. I knew that after this event I would have the feeling of graduating because there are so may events from here and on.”

Viramontes has that feeling of the end just as many other seniors do as well, the final stretch of school is one of the fastest and most nerve racking for most.

“Do whatever you do with a passion and always be prepared, practice speech before hand,” Viramontes said. “That helps a lot!”

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Senior AVID Students Recognized at UCR