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When It Comes to Gun Laws, We Need Resolution, Not Futile Banter


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Guns have been a large, unsolved problem in the United States for over a decade. We have seen horrific tragedies unfold because of these weapons, yet it seems we have not done much to remedy this issue.


We can go back and forth assessing blame to the people who disagree with our ideas, but it has been evident that that does little for positive change and more for separating people to a point of neverending disagreement and bitterness.


So far we have spent over 200 billion dollars dealing with gun violence. Imagine if we spent even half of that money on gun reforms or other problems our country deals with everyday.


In order to stop these tragedies, like school shootings, from happening we need effective background checks. We need tangible actions not emotionally unstable students attacking the people in power.


We need to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. If this had been done before these tragedies took place the shooters wouldn’t have been able to obtain their guns with such ease in the first place.

For example in the case of the Douglas High School shooting the FBI was warned twice of this individual but nothing was done about it. We need this type of information to be accounted for and entered into a database. When red flags like this are ignored tragedies like this happen.   


Guns are unnecessarily easy to purchase, with a background check only being required with in-store purchases and and an optional social security card.


That alone is a huge problem in itself. We can’t get rid of an epidemic when it is so easily obtained.


We need to take a step back and answer this sole question: Are guns worth more than human lives? And now more than ever, the lives of our next generation.


Regardless of the side one takes on gun laws, it needs to be more than clear that what is happening is not ok. There is no justice to the ones who lost their lives when we sit here deliberating on how we can juggle with other potential lives by trying to make everyone happy.


It is understandable that the community affected by these terrible massacres are desperate for relief the same way it should be understandable that all people even those who are pro-gun want an end to the murdering of these children. It is terrible to impose the idea that because someone disagrees with your method of reaching the same goal that they do not care about the lives being lost.


This is how action continues to be delayed, we are too distracted assessing blame to one another that we forget our goal.


We are not going to reach or goal buy using emotionally distressed students as a backbone for our arguments. We can not sit here and pretend that because these students went through this horrible tragedy they now have the answer. We cannot just “call BS” on ideas that contrast ours.

The theory that one will lose their guns due to reform and effective changes is false. To ask for everyone’s guns back is impossible. We’re not taking guns, we are adapting them.


Guns have only developed since their creation, so it only makes sense that the laws around them develop as well. Especially when those laws aren’t protecting our nation. 


It has reached the point that these guns have explicitly entered our schools and classrooms, a place they should have never even reached.


There are more guns than people. The guns don’t make laws or tell us how to regulate them, yet they have more power than we do in this nation.


As a resident of California, I feel more confident here in my protection here then I would feel in Texas where the Stand-Your-Ground law is still very much in effect. The law allows you to use a gun as self-defense against an intruder attacking your car, house, or being.


That same state allows you to apply for a Concealed Handgun License, which lets you take your gun anywhere you please.


We must come together as a nation to resolve this issue. We need to push for better background checks that will ensure that guns fall into the hands of the wrong people as often as possible.

We must continue to unitedly search of a better solution to resolve this issue.

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One Response to “When It Comes to Gun Laws, We Need Resolution, Not Futile Banter”

  1. Kevin Sosa on May 21st, 2018 8:54 am

    Yes guns are way too easy to obtain and stricter laws would help slow down these tragedies but in my opinion that isn’t solving the problem just delaying it. I feel we need to address mental health and how people treat each other , to me these are the real issues.If we took the time to help the kids responsible for these shootings they in my OPINION wouldn’t have done it but we live in a world that’s full of assholes and people who just don’t care about each other( I’m one of them). I don’t have any idea how we would fix this issue but it’s the apathy of people that is allowing these shootings to continue happening , not enough people care about people out of a whole school only a hand full give a shit.

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When It Comes to Gun Laws, We Need Resolution, Not Futile Banter