When Navigating Through High School, Having a Teacher to Turn to Can Make All the Difference

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A teacher plays a prominent role in regards to being involved in a students life, usually someone you respect and look up to. It would make sense to establish some sort of bond in which a student can feel comfortable enough to express a form of friendship with them.

Now, I’m not saying that the teacher has the responsibility of being their therapist, but it couldn’t hurt to invest a few minutes of their time in their students beyond teaching the basics such as English or math.

No, teachers don’t get paid enough. However, the reward of knowing they were able to contribute to helping a child should suffice. It’s about helping them through a break up, letting them vent about their stresses, or even just having chats about their day.

For some students, high school is the highlight of their life, while for others, high school is a miserable journey they must go through and sometimes go through alone. Keeping a strong student-teacher relationship benefits the students’ future development as far as getting a support not only at home, but on campus.

Realistically, students spend a majority of their days surrounded by staff and other students; possibly more interaction time than they have to spend with their family or friends.

Students spend seven to eight hours on a school campus, with the remaining sixteen to seventeen hours spent at home. While eight hours are used for a good night’s sleep, the other remaining eight hours are to be spent with family, but then there is the possibility of parents or siblings having jobs, as well as a student having extracurricular activities, leaving that at about five hours or less to spend with family.

That’s only an estimation of the general population of students.

This goes to show that more than a few students spend more time at school than they do at home.

As someone who has been through high school before, they will have a lot of knowledge on what it is like to struggle as a teenager. You need someone in your corner sometimes when things get rough and sometimes that someone will be the person you see at school everyday.

An unlikely friendship can be the key to your success. The ones that are least expected are usually the best ones. When a teacher reaches out to help, or when a student comments out about how they’re feeling, it can strike to become an important relationship that can improve a students’ life. It may not be a drastic or prominent change, but it can be beneficial. The change depends on the student entirely.

For me, it was knowing that someone believed in me that helped me get through a hard day. No matter how bad the stress got, and how tired of everything I felt, I knew that a few classrooms down the hall I’d find someone who has my back. The same year I was introduced to this teacher, my gpa went from a 1.5 in freshman year, to a 3.8 in sophomore year. It was a push I couldn’t find at home, but from someone who understands what it’s like for teenagers in this generation.

To find an ally on a school campus who kept it real with me, pushed me to realized how tough the world can be outside the walls of school. I was taught things other than English, I was taught that sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.

I was lucky enough to find a bestie within my teacher, someone who is known for keeping friendships with students even after they graduate. So start there, start with the peppy lady who’s excited to show off funny memes, the enthusiastic football coach who goes out of his way with a good joke to lighten up the mood, or even the sarcastic bald dude who never fails to throw some face-punching knowledge your way.

Not every teacher will be someone you go cry to, but it can be someone you share a few laughs or common interests with. You spend most of your day with them, might as well get to know them and let those who care get to know you.