Coach Nelson Brings the Underground Railroad Experience to MVHS

Stephanie Medina, Staff Writer

In honor of Black History Month, the underground railroad assembly was showcased on February 15th during first through third period at Moreno Valley High School.


The assembly lasted an hour, while Coach Nelson explained what she had seen during the tour. The crowd was quiet, as they listened to Coach Nelson talk about her whole experience in the whole tour.


When asked how the assembly affected her, Catherine Uriarte, a freshman said, “The assembly made me feel, in a way, upset and moved. It was a great assembly and Coach Nelson did great presenting a history of the underground railroad for us.”


Coach Nelson shared about her experiences at the Underground Railroad in Ohio and talked to students about the history of the underground railroad and its role in helping enslaved people in the United States.


“There was these stairs, that went on for miles, that you had to go through in order to get to the house,” Coach Nelson said, speaking about her experiences. “It was a very emotional experience for me. Most people couldn’t make it there but I did.”

Soon after Coach Nelson showed videos, and in the videos you could tell she was very emotional. She told many stories that day. Not only about her, but the people who had to escape from slave owners.


“The stories were great, and inspiring for the most part,” freshman Jocelyn Romero said. “I put myself in the situations Coach Nelson spoke about, and tried to understand as much as I can, how those people must have felt going through it.”