On March 14, MVHS students participated in a walkout to show that they have had #enough with the gun violence in this country.

Alijah Jenkins, Staff Writer

Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, there have been 24 disasters between that one and the most recent in Parkland. What is supposed to be a safe place for the next generations to blossom, is slowly turning into a fearful and traumatic place for many.


As an effort to show support to the 17 victims who lost their lives during school in Parkland, Florida, students participated in an event that allowed them to release their emotions and let everyone else know that they have had #Enough.


“This means supporting the people who passed away” said junior, Malay Barajas.


The nationwide event on March 14 was a way for students to express how they felt about the incident by walking out of class for 17 minutes to show their respects. However, students at Moreno Valley did this with a little unexpected help from ASB and supportive administration.


Although students technically were not allowed to walk out, they were not exactly told not to. Students who saw that opportunity to express their emotions by walking outside of the school did, and the ones inside did too. They did this with sign making, voter registration, and letters to Congress and Victim’s families. They also did this with face painting and receiving ice cream. All of which were provided by ASB and reinforced by staff.


It was an alternative to walking out but still allowed students to show support in the ways they provided. While many enjoyed this, mixed feelings arose from students and staff who were concerned if this was the way to do it.


One of the students with many mixed emotions was Moval senior, Ruby Topete, who believes the “slightly flawed idea” could have been planned differently.


“It makes me emotional since they’re giving ice cream to celebrate the death of students,” Topete said. “It’s redundant and we could have tried another way.”


She was not the only one to feel this way. While the walkout itself was important to students, some believed the ice cream part did not really fit in. It was seen as a distraction and took the attention off of what really mattered. School shootings.


“You know, school affects your life daily so when something like this happens that is out of our control and we can’t do anything about it; this is what we can do.” swim coach and teacher, Mr. Burmaster said.


And a lot was done. Many students were able to write letters to Congress and register to vote. Those small yet important things are all steps towards reform and reminders that this is not something to be forgotten about.


“It’s important since this could have happened in any school and it could have happened to our school” senior Cesia Aguilar said.