Homework Policy

Natalia Gomez, Staff writer

Over the last few years, there has been a debate whether we should have homework assigned or how much homework should be assigned to one student.  Many people say that students should not be given homework while others say that students should be given homework.

“I think that when teachers assign homework, they should ask themselves if they could reasonably do it in the same time that students are given,” said Moreno Valley teacher Mrs. Reyes.

Teachers give out homework but do not take into account that other teachers also give out homework and that will take a lot of time to finish.  Teachers and administration tell us that we should also read, play sports, join clubs, and be social but they don’t give the time to do that with all of the homework.

“Teachers should give us time to do all those extra activities and they should also give us time to eat and sleep,” said Moreno Valley student Julieta Ibazeta-Mendoza.

When asked if she thought homework had a benefit, English teacher Mrs. Reyes said “ I think that if you hurry up to do your homework, it won’t have any benefit but if you actually take time to try your best to understand it, then it will have a benefit.”

Research shows that homework causes stress, anxiety, and sometimes even depression. Students have so many things piled up like homework or sports or clubs etc. that sometimes they don’t do their homework and that’s why they do it they day it is due or they just do not do it at all. Kids need to have time for themselves and time for sports or clubs or other activities. They need time for them to get a good amount of sleep and to eat and to do all their personal things. They also need to have time to just be themselves according to Mrs. Reyes.

“There is a time and place for homework and that time is not always.” said Mr. Gallarzo “I try to make decisions on homework based on what I think is going to be most efficient and beneficial for my students. I try to give my students topics to do research on so that when they come back the next day, we can talk about it in class and have a discussion about it, but if I just give them a worksheet to do or fill out then I know most of the students are not going to get that done.”

Students need to take their time to know what is going on in the world like with news and politics or other things which was said by Mrs. Reyes and Mr. Gallarzo. Sometimes it is necessary to give homework like for some subjects like math so they can get the extra practice in order to get better at that subject. However, sometimes it is unnecessary to give homework when they know that the whole class is already good at that subject. Teachers need to understand that students also have a life just like they do and they need to do other things like run errands, do chores, take care of their siblings or just have time to be a kid.

Instead of giving homework, student Kimberly Rojas suggests that the teachers should give projects or assignments with long due dates so the students could get it done and still put effort into it. She also suggests that instead of homework, the teachers should do activities to enhance our “people skills.” Doing projects or activities like that will make us learn more than just having us do more of the work at home and stressing us out even more. School already gives us enough pressure and we do not need to take that weight with us everywhere we go because that will be bad for us to have too much stress when it is supposed to be our free time. That stress can also lead to a lot of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. In some cases, the pressure can make kids give up or stop caring completely.

Many students prefer social activities instead of homework even if they do not like to be social or talk with other people. They also prefer joining clubs or sports rather than doing homework. Clubs and sports are better because sports keep us active and fit, and in clubs you get to try something new or something that you really like or caught your attention. Sometimes a lot of things get us distracted but it is better than homework.

 Teachers should try to pay more attention to students and what they need to do before assigning them homework.

“I wish teachers would try to understand a little better for us and realize that times are changing and so should the school with all the work,” Rojas said.