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Time to Start Reflecting

Jesus Castillo, Staff Writer

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Seniors in high school start reflecting on their high school lives and most can agree that if they would go back and do something different or give some advice to their freshmen selves they would.

“Sh*t, don’t get caught up with females, leave the girls alone and keep grades up.”

Senior Jacari McKinney, ASB Vice President, says he’d tell his freshman self this as he feels that they were a distraction to him and they kept him from staying on top of what was really important to him, that being his grades and trying to set a good impression for college recruiters.

“Study a lot more, even before or after work or practice to keep them grades up,”

Jacari even found a way to balance out a busy social life, work and school and shared how he does it and how his freshman self would’ve wanted to know how to balance it all.

“Just what I do is I maintain all my work, make sure if I have any homework to do it in class, and study before and after work or practice.”

Jacari was asked why he wanted to be ASB vice president and would he have recommended it to his younger self.

“I wanted to be president but I was like nah I didn’t wanna have all the responsibilities of being president but being vice president, it’s fun, still I have responsibilities to help the president out, but it’s chill, I’d definitely recommend to my younger self to do it, also I want to end this by saying, the philadelphia Eagles won their first super bowl.”

AVID club president and senior Jeanette Viramontes showed a lot of passion about how she would give some advice along the lines of not giving up even when times get tough.

“You will make mistakes and many obstacles will come your way, but you will be able to handle it. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. Keep having the faith you have and you will see all the accomplishments you can achieve.”

Jeanette found her balancing things out would prove to become very simple and would’ve been more useful for her in her freshman year.

“Having a calendar with any due dates and with any events planned, I personally organize my time by prioritizing what’s most important to get done first.”

When asked why she wanted to be AVID president and if she’d recommend the program to herself or anyone for that matter, she responded happily, and felt as if it was a chance to give back to the program.

“Being exposed to the AVID program since sixth grade, I felt the capability to understand the importance of the program. Being the oldest of three sisters and having parents without knowledge of college or the process, the program has helped me throughout the years.”

Seniors like Jeanette really have had their turn as freshmen and would give them great advice, but as they can’t go back and change how their years went they can do their best to inspire others to take the advice and shape a better and stronger path for themselves and achieve a lot more, just take it from the first place top ten scholar Eduardo Martinez who kept his advice to himself short and simple.

“Be yourself and work hard, you can be the best you.”

Eduardo talked about how he would tell his freshman self, to be first place he’d have to work harder than anyone else in his grade.

“Honestly I’d tell myself that I can get to be and stay number one by always working hard and just turning in my assignments, studying and keeping myself balanced out with school and anything I have to do with my life.”

When asked if he had stress and how to deal with it if he did Eduardo commented very jokingly and with a smile.

“Well I have a lot of stress, like a chingo of it, pero I deal with it by just getting my stuff done.”

Whether you’re a high school senior or not, you could take the advice that was given and apply it to your life in school. Take the words of inspiration that were given and use it to make your school life easier, more academic, or even more social, just take the advice and use it to make yourselves better. Sometimes it’s never too late to make a change to whatever path you plan to take or are taking now.

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