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The Foster Care System

Sabrina Miranda, Staff writer

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More than 500,000 children are in foster care in the United States, most have been victims of repeated abuse and prolonged neglect. More than 40 percent of children placed in foster care are moved to different foster or care facility such as shelters or group homes.

“I have been in foster care for about 2 years and i first got put in foster care April 6, 2016, this experience has affected me and they’ve taught me a lot’’ says a current foster care resident. Research shows that about 30% of kids entering foster care are aged 1-5 years old and 19%-20% are aged 6- 15 years old, there are a lot of reasons these children enter foster care, i can be either a parent dying, neglect, physical or sexual abuse and abandonment. Sometimes it not always these reasons, some children can get put into this system for being a juvenile offender, a runaway and  truancies. More than 500,000 children are in foster care in the United States, most have been victims of repeated abuse and prolonged neglect.

Research from 2015 shows that more than 200,000 young people, whom it states failed to reunite with their families or place in permanent homes aged out of foster care, simply because they were too old to remain. “Yes this did ruin my relationship with my parent but I am also still in contact with my birth parents.” Many of these children will age out of the system when they turn 18  without a family and without the skills to make it on their own. In 2015, of the 428,000 children in foster care, more than 17,000 had case goals of emancipation or aging out after leaving foster care without a permanent family.

Sometimes children can be in danger even though they are in foster care, “Yes I had problems with the people in my foster home”. Sometimes it’s dangerous if your in a level 14 room with a lot of supervision, security and staff. Living in a level 14 home is the most highest secure level with counselors per foster child. The higher the level the more services being provided such as onsite school, therapist, psychologist, etc. these levels are more restrictive because the children are given less access to their communities. Level 14 and 12 homes are not custody and the child can walk away at any time.

The foster care system also benefits their kids “The system helps you receive lots of benefits after you graduate high school and become thinking on being an independent adult they will help you get your own place and they will pay for your college benefits.” Foster care kids also get Financial help for Medical things, a foster kid can receive cash through aid to Families with dependent children foster care. While foster children face many challenges on their way to a college education, it is possible to succeed, Most private scholarships for foster care students are restricted to children who are currently in foster care or who aged out of foster care. not only do they help children qualify for colleges every semester, Fastweb helps thousands of students pay for school by matching them to scholarships, grants, and internships.

The real problem with foster care is that many of these children are being put into situations that they can’t control, they put children into unsafe situations and environments, foster care is barely adequate but much less a replacement for a loving family. High caseloads don’t have enough time to check up on the needs of their kids. Foster parents don’t get paid as compensation for services performed, but as reimbursement for living expenses. Licensing workers need to be given authority to exercise good judgment in doing their jobs, foster parents shouldn’t take in children if they aren’t sure they can handle a certain amount of children to take care of at different ages.

Much like any system in the U.S., child welfare is corrosive, morally bankrupt, and an oppressive mechanism which controls the poorest people in this country. The child welfare system is very burdened and systematically flawed and broken. It has been failing children all over the U.S. for a long time now with each child suffering miserably. Many universal human rights are being broken daily, bringing more atrocities to neglected and abused children. Instead of the system that was made to protect these children, it’s destroying these innocent children mentally everyday, minute and hour.


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