The Two Sides of Valentine’s Day

Albert Alvarez, Staff Writer

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Every year on February 14th, many couples, friends, family, etc. exchange gifts with their special “valentine” to show their love and appreciation for one another.


Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has just about two moods. The first mood: loving everything about valentines day, from the cherry-red roses to the heart-shaped chocolate boxes that are gifted around.


“I love valentines day so much,” Jennifer Carbajal, a student at Moreno Valley High School, said. “I love all the roses and chocolates, I love seeing all the hearts and all the gifts being traded. It’s just a holiday where love is in the air and I can say I enjoy it a little too much. I just wish there were more days like this out of the year to celebrate.”


Or, this day can be a day where you want to punch every couple you see in the face and has your eyes rolling when you see oversized teddy bears being dragged around and shown off.


“I hate this stupid holiday,” Danni, a junior at Moreno Valley High School said. “All these dumb couples with their overpriced gifts and chocolates just trying to show off for the attention. I just want to rip all the teddy bears I see. This day is dumb because why should we show our love and affection to each other only on this day of the year? It should be more than just that.”


Valentine’s day is a day where people of all ages, races, and ethnicities are able to show their love and appreciation for each other through gifts, dates, or affection. It’s a day where all ages and groups of people participate in this holiday. From teenagers, to elementary school kids, to parents and teachers. And many enjoy and crave the attention they receive.


“It feels great to be appreciated or shown love and affection,” Kelly Rodriguez, Senior at Moreno Valley HIgh School said. “I feel happy and like someone cares about me. I feel calmed and excited when im shown appreciation. Makes me feel uplifted.”


Many people get to experience a new path in their lives on this holiday –  taking a step further into their love life and future, such as being given a promise ring by your significant other, promising a future with the one you love.


Like senior, Melissa Sosa, who was surprised with a special gift on Valentines day.


“To me, Valentines Day didn’t mean anything for me… but today I got a promise ring from my boyfriend,” senior Melissa Sosa said. “So my meaning for Valentine’s Day did change a lot. I’m am very happy I got a promise ring, it is such a great feeling to know somebody cares this much for you. I felt like a little girl at Disneyland for the first time, I felt like jumping and screaming. Ask me how my Valentine’s Day was and I’ll just show you my ring and smile.”