Anti-Bullying Assembly Implores Students to “Please Keep Breathing”

To commemorate Purple Ribbon Week, guest speaker Ronnie Angelou comes to MVHS to talk to students about how to cope with negative feelings.

Art created to spread awareness about the Please Keep Breathing campaign is displayed throughout the lecture hall.

Evette Gallardo, Staff Writer, Editor

‘PLEASE KEEP BREATHING’, a campaign started by Ronnie Angelou was showcased Monday January 22 to Thursday the 25th at MVHS in assemblies held in the lecture hall featuring guest speakers and different videos and pictures on display.


When asked what motivated him to start the campaign, Angelou had to say,”Well based on my childhood and feeling insecure and carrying so much self hatred in my heart; overcoming that and establishing self love. I know how difficult it is to love yourself and I just want to encourage other people to not give up on their lives and to love themselves.”


The assembly lasted an hour, with Angelou sharing his life in the past. The crowd was silent, letting Ronnie talk about how he’d at one point in his life didn’t want to even breathe anymore.


“It stems from my heart and I like to think that I went through those experiences for a reason and the reason is to be of encouragement of other people,” said Ronnie.


After speaking on his past Ronnie let the audience speak for a while; sharing with him things they like to do when they’re sad or angry. A burger king video was then played and a video of the anti-bullying ambassadors of the UK. More questions were asked and different aspects of the audience were shared shortly after.


Ronnie was later then asked,”So what would you say to kids who just feel like nobody necessarily cares? Even though sometimes they do, but they just feel like nobody cares?”


“In that instance when you feel isolated and alone, reach out to people that you care about,” Angelou implored. “Let them know how you’re feeling, so that they can validate your feelings and let you know that your life holds value and to remind you of all the reasons that they love about you. And also if you feel isolated, you really got to cling to yourself and like establish self love. Self love is hard and self love takes an everyday conscience effort, it’s something you work at for the rest of your life. And it changes depending on the day sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low, but you have to just know that you’re worthy even if no one tells you that.”


Angelou then had this one final thing to say,”Just please keep breathing; dont give up on yourself. Your life holds value and you were meant to be here; your life has a purpose. So you committing suicide or you giving up doesn’t allow you to fulfill that purpose.”